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Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta


Why do producers bring out DVDs of flop films?
Komal Nahta: Why didn’t you ask the question: why do producers make flop films? Jokes apart, DVD rights of even flop films fetch money and hence are sold by producers.

Why do collections of previous releases dip on the following Friday even if the new releases of that day are weak?
Komal Nahta: Because on Friday, people generally watch the newly released films or nothing at all.

With so many producers opting for English titles for their Hindi films due to non-availability of Hindi titles, don’t you think that the rules of title registration need to be changed?
Komal Nahta: It is not always due to lack of availability of Hindi titles that producers use English titles for their films. Like English words in Hindi songs and dialogues, even our titles either have English words in them or are completely in English.

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  1. sir i hv a doubt on A certificate . is A certificate alows us to use slangs or abusive language in our films or it has some liitations …


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