Actress Priyanka Chopra and her mother Dr. Madhu Chopra are gearing up for their upcoming Marathi production venture Ventilator.

During an interview with Dr Chopra, when asked about her take on banning Pakistani artistes in India, she replied, “I think banning anything is not right. If someone is doing anything wrong or illegal, punish them. Why ban? The word ‘Ban’ has brought different states into economic regressions. Ban is a wrong thing to do, if they are doing something wrong punish them, if they are illegal remove them. On principal I am against ban.”

Banning Anything Is Not Right, Says Priyanka's Mother Dr. Madhu Chopra
Banning Anything Is Not Right, Says Priyanka’s Mother Dr. Madhu Chopra

Ventilator is produced by Priyanka and Dr. Madhu Chopra under their production banner Purple Pebble Pictures. The film stars Ashutosh Gowariker in lead and is set to hit the screens on 4th November.

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