Sunny Deol, K. C. Boradia
Sunny Deol with K.C. Bokadia during the filming of 'Khuda Kasam'.

After the mess Lalit Modi has gotten himself into, thanks to the IPL controversy, people would want to run miles away from him. But K.C. Bokadia’s Khuda Kasam, starring Sunny Deol and Tabu proudly proclaims that it is presented by Lalit Modi!

Sunny Deol ('Khuda Kasam' Movie Still)
Sunny Deol in a scene from 'Khuda Kasam'.

Before you jump to any conclusion, be informed that this Lalit Modi is different from the Lalit Modi of IPL. Bokadia has found a saviour of sorts in Lalit Modi who is a renowned builder of Delhi. New to the film industry, he has a school and a hospital too in Noida. His first brush with the entertainment industry was when he acquired Rupbani cinema of Beawar (in Rajasthan). After running it for some time, he has now dismantled it and is building a multiplex in its place. Modi took an instant liking for Bokadia when he met him and decided to bail him out of his difficult times. On his part, the producer of such hits and super-hits as Pyar Jhukta Nahin and Teri Meherbaniyan decided to first release his stuck-in-the-cans films before launching new films. After Khuda Kasam, which is due on 26th November, K.C. Bokadia intends to also release his Govinda-Priyanka starrer which was earlier titled Ek Haseena Ek Deewana. Says he, “Priyanka Chopra is going out of her way to help me release the film. Not only did she shoot for a few days to complete the film but she also refused to accept her balance remuneration of Rs. 18.5 lakh. We are now in the process of both, completing the film and finalising a new title for it. Only after that will Lalit Modi and I launch a film.”

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