Anil Kapoor Opens Up On The Criticism He Faced For Not Being A 'Star' On Arbaaz Khan's Pinch Episode 9
Anil Kapoor Says “He Wouldn’t Respond, So How Can I” When Arbaaz Khan Asks Him When Salman Khan Will Get Married (Photo Credit –Wikipedia & Instagram)

The season of QuPlay’s Pinch Season 2 is just going up and above. This week Anil Kapoor pour his heart out into the show and we got to know many things about the actor.


Even after spanning a successful career over decades, Anil shared that initially he faced criticism for not having the charm of a star and he’s just an actor. “I used to take that as a compliment, people used to compare me with Sanjeev Kumar, and I used to get happy with the fact that they are comparing me with the greatest actor of our country.”


Anil Kapoor continued, “At that time, people had a different perspective. My contemporaries debut films were much more successful than my debut film, even Mashaal didn’t work well, but my work was appreciated, thus I used to get more work. There were people who used to tell me that I don’t look like a star, so I used to tell them ki let me improve, where my presence is concerned or my physicality is concerned.” Anil believes that there is always room for improvement and if he doesn’t perform well then he’s cheating with his audience.

During the course of the conversation, Arbaaz Khan said that he had two questions for Anil Kapoor. The first, when would Salman Khan get married, and another, the secret to Anil’s youth. The actor laughed and told Arbaaz that he would know the status of Salman Khan’s affairs better than him. To which, Arbaaz responded, “Thak gaye (We’re exhausted) yaar.” Anil answered, “He wouldn’t respond, so how can I?”

Arbaaz then showcased videos of fans trying to decode the secret to Anil Kapoor’s perennial youth. While some said that he drinks his snake blood, others believed that ‘he lives with his plastic surgeon’. The actor, finally decoding his secret of being young forever, said, “Whatever you’re doing in life, you have to enjoy it, and I’ve been fortunate enough. To be honest, God has been kind to me, in personal, professional, financial (matters). Also, you have to eat on time, sleep on time, and dedicate your body an hour in a day.”

Watch the episode here: 

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