The star power of Amitabh Bachchan is known to all and he has a very faithful fanbase dedicated to him, including Bollywood’s Badshah Shah Rukh Khan. Time and again, SRK has expressed his profound liking and humungous respect for Big B.


Big B recently did a photo shoot for Filmfare magazine with veteran actor Dilip Kumar and Shah Rukh to commemorate 100 years of Indian cinema. After the photoshoot, Shah Rukh like a very dedicated fan of Amitji asked him to sign one of the original posters of Don (1978) for him.

When SRK asked Big B to sign Don’s original poster for him!
Big B signing the Don poster for SRK

Big B in his blog penned down, “Shah Rukh asks me to sign the original poster of Don. I think the posters of old are becoming very rare. There are some still most favoured people that collect these memorabilia, and I am happy that they do. Posterity must know what the past was all about. Present without a past is incomplete .”

Elated by the sweet gesture Sr. Bachchan posted a few pics with SRK, where they are chitchatting and even as put by Mr.B himself “Fooling around before the shoot with Shah Rukh”

Catch the pictures right here:

The actors get candid at the Filmfare cover shoot at Dilip Sahab’s house
The actors get candid at the Filmfare cover shoot at Dilip Sahab’s house

Big B and SRK seem to be discussing some serious business here. However, the two gentleman are looking their best.

SRK, Big B during Filmfare's Photoshoot
AB-SRK’s fun-funny!

Amitji posted “Fooling around before the shoot … nothing in particular, just…”





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