Veer Movie Poster, Vijay Galani
Veer Movie Poster, Vijay Galani

Relationships are so brittle in this industry that they can break just about anytime. One remembers the day when the first look of Vijay Galani’s Veer was unveiled for the media and the trade, weeks before the Salman Khan starrer hit the screens. At the function, Salman had revealed to the media how producer Vijay Galani had approached him to act in a film for him, stating that he (Salman) was his (Vijay’s) mother’s favourite actor. Salman added that Vijay had played the mother card to get him to do the film at a concessional price. In a lighter vein, Salman had countered Galani by telling him that even he (Vijay) was his (Salman’s) mother’s favourite. Of course, all seemed well at that time, which is why Salman must have agreed to act in the film, and Vijay must’ve agreed to let Salman select the script. The actor ultimately wrote the script of Veer himself. Two years after the film released and flopped, the camaraderie between the star and his producer has disappeared, giving way to enmity. Salman has taken Galani to the Association for dues which the producer failed to pay. The FWICE has banned Galani who says, he owes nothing to his hero. Interestingly, Salman has also acted in an earlier film produced by Galani, viz. Suryavanshi.

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    • You are Mohammed, eh?? But it seems that u don’t know what your Prophet Mohammed taught… didn’t he say that every one should fight for his right??? If u don’t oppose the injustice its a sin according to your prophet, is not it? Then how u justify Vijay Galani’s ‘refuse’ to pay the balance of Salman’s payment, which is his right?? That is his ‘right’, so he should fight for this, and with that money too.. Salman can add more to his charity (Being Human); why should he let that cheater producer to eat his money, rather he can use it for good cause! And is not it injustice… when u need a Superstar’s ‘nod’ for your film, u used your mother’s favourite card and to convince him with the less amount from his actual market value, but when the film flopped… u will forget everything and even disappear to cheat the Superstar and refuse to pay your debt??? The thing is: Salman is sweet and so much friendly if u are a nice and genuine person, but if u betray him or try to stab him from behind… he is the worst for u and he can make your life more than just worst… thats it.. he has the guts in him to fight for his right (chup rehne walo me se nahi hai woh, kyunki usda ‘jigra’ SHERO da hai, aur woh banda vi SHER varga hai). And i respect the people who have the guts to fight for their right and fight against the injustice, why don’t u? eh???


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