When Mahesh Bhatt’s Son Rahul Bhatt Called Himself A ‘Super-Bast*rd’ Because His Father Wouldn’t Treat Him As His Own!
When Mahesh Bhatt’s Son Rahul Bhatt Called Himself A ‘Super-Bast*rd’ Because His Father Wouldn’t Treat Him As His Own!

Mahesh Bhatt is blessed with four children. Two with former wife Kiran (Pooja Bhatt & Rahul Bhatt) and two via Soni Razdan (Alia Bhatt & Shaheen Bhatt). But people barely hear about the only son of the filmmaker. Did you know? There was a time when Rahul came forward and backlashed his father for not treating him as his own. He even called himself a ‘super-bast*rd.’ Below is all the scoop you need.

It was back in 2012 when the only Bhatt son came up with a book called ‘Headly And I.’ It is based upon Rahul’s relationship with Daood Syed Gilani aka David Coleman Headley. The former Bigg Boss contestant called David his ‘godfather.’ All of it because Mahesh, as per him, never gave him attention.

Rahul Bhatt opened up all about it in an interview with TOI in 2012. He called out his father Mahesh Bhatt and his biased approach for his children. Just not that, the fitness trainer revealed that his father wanted to name him ‘Mohammed.’

About why Rahul Bhatt calls himself a ‘super-bast*rd’ child, “That’s because my father Mahesh Bhatt never treated me like his own child. You know how it is. You’ve known me from the time I was a child fighting for my sister against Ranvir Shorey, to Bigg Boss to the book… Main kabhi bhi jhooth nahin bolta. It’s the raw uncut truth about my relationship with my father. I’ve put it all in the book. I’ve exorcized my demons,” he shared.

Rahul Bhatt then revealed that it was his mom who saved him from being called Mohammed. He said, “Yeah, that’s what Mr Mahesh Bhatt wanted to call me. But then my Anglo-Indian mother put her foot down on the insistence of her Maharashtrian neighbours arguing that he should keep his notions of secularism for some other occasion. And besides, if Mr Bhatt thinks of himself as a good Muslim, he should’ve treated all his children equally.”

Asked about why Mahesh Bhatt doesn’t sign him in a movie, Rahul exploded, “Only he can answer that. Just as there are many questions only Mr Headley can answer. Because he sign me doesn’t others don’t. They say, ‘ Jab baap ko bharosa nahin bete pe to hum kyon karen?’ (Why should we trust him when his own father doesn’t?).”

Rahul Bhatt was a part of Bigg Boss 4 and clarified that his father never helped him to get into it.

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