Sunil Grover (Guthhi)
Sunil Grover (Guthhi)

Guthhi, with her hilarious acts not only tickles the funny bones but makes sure that they even hurt by constant laughing. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, was not left untouched by Guthhi’s charm.


In Delhi, for a lighthearted session called “Guthhi, Agenda Agenda, Guthhi”, by India Today Group, Sunil Grover (who actually played Guthhi in Comedy Nights With Kapil) took all on a laugh riot with his impromptu gigs and conversations.

Baba Ramdev who was also present to address the sub-sequential session, chose to attend the meet. Guthhi in full-swing, started with her quick witted answers, which left all cackling.

When Baba questioned Guthhi, “Are you only Guthhi? Your name is Guthhi or do you have another name?”

Sunil instantly mouthed, “Just like your name is Shri Ramdev but you have Baba prefixed to your name, I am Sunil Grover and ‘Guthhi’ has got attached to my name.”

During the act, Baba even inquired Sunil, why he left the show as he was very successful. “I have never seen you on TV before, but I have heard about Guthhi. I watch news channels and they were saying that Guthhi has left the show because he was getting less money. My blessings are with you and I hope you make more money elsewhere,” Ramdev Baba confessed.

“Aur zyaada mile, isliye maine chhod diya aur aapka ye aashirwaad mile (I quit the show so that I can earn more and also to get your blessings). Thank you for your blessings”, in a very amusing Guthhi style, Sunil quipped.

Before concluding his act Sunil humbly spoke how elated and honored he felt on being presented with such opportunity. He said, “So many people want to meet you and talk to you. It is an honor and my good fortune that I could talk so much in front of you”.

Even though Sunil might have left Comedy Nights with Kapil, but his stint as Guthhi, has become his trademark accentuation and we all love the way Guthhi, leaves all guffawing.

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