This is one embarrassing moment Aamir Khan would never forget all his life. His son, Junaid, now 18, was just four years old then. Aamir was shooting at Film City when superstar Amitabh Bachchan arrived on the scene. As is usual, Aamir greeted Bachchan and then, very fondly, asked his little son the very normal question, “You know who he is?” The papa was sure, his son would bellow out Amitabh Bachchan’s name loudly and clearly because of the simple logic – who doesn’t know Amitabh Bachchan!

Junaid Khan, Aamir Khan
Junaid Khan, Aamir Khan


But much to Aamir’s embarrassment, the little child looked up at the tall and handsome man questioningly, paused for a bit and then replied, “No!” Poor Aamir didn’t know where to look because by asking the question to Junaid, what he was trying to arrive at was that everyone knew the icon. And it was this very thing that got negated by Junaid’s innocence-cum-ignorance. Recalls Aamir, “I didn’t know where to look! But Amit-ji was very sweet, he understood that I was embarrassed and that the faux pas was very unintentional.”

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  1. This commenter anu has termed Aamir a show off—something he is SO not! Aamir is somebody who does his work quietly without making a noise–and wins. His down to earth common sense attitude has made him the topper he is, and I salute him. And it looks like he has passed on some of his good qualities to his son Junaid.


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