Table No. 21‘ is being widely publicised as the first release of the 100th year of Indian cinema. While this is a moment of joy for everyone associated with the film, especially director Aditya Dutt who is hoping for a good success to his name, the central antagonist enacted by Paresh Rawal has a major role to play in this psychological tale.

Paresh Rawal In Table No. 21 Movie Stills
Paresh Rawal In Table No. 21 Movie Stills

“Yes, Pareshji’s character is the key in the film. Of course the film revolves around him, Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae but it is Paresh’s character and persona which drives the whole affair. Many people come and say that we have a star amidst us after ‘OMG Oh My God!‘. Well, we had started shooting much before OMG had even released so I guess we are lucky that the timing has been so good. OMG has done 100 crores worldwide so it works very well. If Paresh is with us in ‘Table No. 21’ then it is a very lucky coincidence”, gushes Aditya.

He is happy that from the genre perspective, there is absolutely nothing common between ‘Table No. 21‘ and ‘OMG Oh My God‘.

“Yes, that’s true”, says Aditya, “We are not giving audience something that they have already seen. They would be something new unfolding on screen. Even Pareshji is very conscious about that. This is the reason why when he read the first draft, he was kicked at the idea stage itself. He wanted me to bring to him the complete script and after I asked him for some more time, I don’t know how many drafts I would have written before we came on the same page.”

Well Aditya, now here is hoping the effort indeed pays off once the film hits the screens all over this Friday.

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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