In the long history of Indian cinema, there have been multitudes of stars, in their times shining brightest and turning everything they touched into a thing of marvel. Every epoch has seen those who have absolutely dominated the celluloid and belted out flurry of commercially successful films. There was Rajender Kumar who was fondly called the Jubilee Kumar for consistency with which he used to deliver Silver jubilees. He was one of the most reliable star of the time, who unfortunately seems to have been withering into oblivion now, alas it is a different topic altogether.

Rajesh Khanna, considered by many as the first superstar of the industry is known for giving record numbers of hits in quick successions. So were the cases with actors who followed in times to come like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt for a period, Sunny Deol and a stint of Govinda, SRK has been ruling for his time. Each has enjoyed his time at the top of the rung. But a star that somehow stands apart from the rest in an enigmatic way is the Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan.

With his latest film Tiger Zinda Hai, already bludgeoning all the records on its way, it should hardly be a thing with even a modicum of surprise now. He’s been doing this with an unprecedented consistency that no any star hitherto has shown.

Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai

There’s no certain way or formula that guarantees one the connect with people, even more so for such a long time. but for Mr. Salman Khan it only seems to be getting stronger.

Sallu has a generation of fans loving his every move, He made it to the hearts of masses with Maine Pyaar Kiya that set the ball rolling for him and for Suraj Barjatya who would go on to collaborate with Salman many more times, each time to the same grandiose and to spell same the magic at box office. Sweet Sanskari Prem was carving out niche, making space for himself in the already dazzled field. Sans social media era had an element of mystery, thus perpetually unsatisfied audience ever eager to know about their star. It is a thing that today’s stars can never achieve given their so much exposure through various social media platforms.

Maine Pyaar Kiya
Maine Pyaar Kiya

He’s been around for a longest time, and one not so talked about facet of his grand personality is, umpteen anecdotes of him being chivalrous to people around and underprivileged. Bhai has helped a host of actors during their slump, be it Govinda, Aditya Pancholi, director Sawan Kumar for whom he’s said to have worked for free in the movie Sawaan. His big heart image always helps him connect with people and stay right atop. He’s also been a Launchpad to many who’ve made a name for themselves today. These people have shown their gratitude for Salman publicly many times, elevating Bhai to unprecedented heights. The followers these people have garnered naturally tend to have a soft corner for Sallu. And legion keeps growing.


If one ponders hard enough and try to dig down to a thing that worked for any of these stars I mentioned in the opening, it could be deciphered with certain degree of precision, be it relevance of the story the movie encapsulated to its time, be it macho image of its star or anything that could possibly be. The exact same thing somehow cannot be said about BhaiJaan, and what makes him the ever Gargantuan star he is. Absolutely Crushing dominance he’s shown over past few years, and all through his career barring a couple years before Wanted. Whatever you point a finger at, as a reason that makes him work so well, you realize that it isn’t the truth. For there’s not a single thing that makes Bhai the Bhai, it’s just Bhai himself. Just him. What has he accumulated over these years that has him catapulted into the phenomenon that he is.


Terrific BO record, unprecedented, would look like a circular logic, but also counts among the reason Bhai continues to do so well at BO because Bhai does so well.the fact that he’s among most commercially successful actors ever, that guarantees the widest release every time and publicity they receive only goes to add to it. What more would one need to do something than the belief that he does it, he’s done it over and over.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that he has the most number of highest grosser of the year to his name than any other star in the history of Bollywood. The expectations from the herculean someone are so high that even Tubelight with not less than 125 crore starts looking paltry. That he can push a Bollywood biggie like Spectre to a later release date(Let’s not talk about Raees), speaks of how formidable force he has become.


Not any of the blockbuster movies he was a part of can be said to have been blockbusters if not for him, unlike any other actor. For instance, even Vidhu Vinod Chopra had said about Dangal that “Amir is not the king, the script is” this might not look as obvious and is certainly debatable. No one can daresay the same in Sallubhai’s case. He is the soul and substance of the movie he stars in. There’s no denying this fact. And why’s so, no one can answer the question either. He remains an enigma, a brand of his own. Try answering if you can?

In the rather dull year, considering how the biggies have fared thus far, let us thank Salman for bringing smiles to the faces of exhibitors and setting the BO ringing again, what better start to the new year than this. Till we busy ourselves trying to figure out the X factor Bhai possess, let’s continue to enjoy and celebrate his Bhaidome. Wish he keeps pushing the business to newer boundaries.

Happy birthday Bhaijaan.

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  1. As a Salman fan I want to thank the writer Firoj Shaikh for the an excellent article and the compliments towards Salman. It is also nice when one can show a positive approach to the lives of others and focus on the good side of an individual. From the first film of Salman’s until now I always prayed for him. When viewing that first film I knew that God was going to bless him. You see so often humans have a tendency to focus on the negative side of a person’s life but God does not. I firmly believe that he is the most misunderstood man in India. My father always used to say a man or a woman who loves animals and children are those with kind and good hearts and we as his children must look for those qualities in others. So to Salman from your Caribbean fans we want to extend our love, congratulations on your achievements and wish you God’s richest blessings for the future. May God bless you spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially today and always.


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