The below article is purely opinionated & are the views of our user named Firoj Shaikh. Read on to know his views on Rajukummar Rao & Kriti Kharbanda’s latest film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.


“My conscience would choke me if I don’t express what I feel” were the words Power-star Pawan Kalyan had used sometime back while lauding a movie he felt compelled to show his appreciation towards. Those are the exact words reverberating in my ears the last few days, rendering me restless.

We live in a time where FOMO and paranoia are so eerily ubiquitous that one would be completely consumed by inferiority complex if he is to admit his love and liking for something which does not hold up with the norms of being cool, and what’s supposed to be classy.

The event that got me thinking was when I had a conversation with one friend after I had watched along with other friends of mine this Bollywood movie Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, and the way he reacted when I told him I really liked it (in fact loved it, loved it to the bits). I feel it has come to the point that for everything you like you need validations from so-called experts to be able to confidently put your views out. Lacking which, you are just a random douche clueless about what he is talking.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana
User’s Views! How He Thinks Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Is One Powerful Experience

That being said, there are movies you may not like when you see it for first but grow on you with time, there are also ones that you can revel in viewing all the technical schmancies they offer, and then there are those that render your dispassionate approach and cinematic acumen completely ineffective in pulling it down in any way, you can’t help admiring it and be awestruck.

This was one such powerful experience, one that hooked us by the guts till the very end. Made us go awww at their cute banters, pushed us to the verge where we would sob like anything if not for the masculine pretence we wear. In Kriti Kharbanda we witnessed a fine example of how the effervescence lights up the screen, she is a charm. Rajkummar Rao lives Sattu who is so adorable, head over heels for Aarti and above all really beyond imagination, just a boy next door.


Triumphant it was in proving it to the audience who still believe that it is not sin-qua-non to have vulgar item numbers, insanely otherworldly hero and incessant skin flashing to make a Bollywood movie. There has hardly been a movie that has got everyone who has watched it recommend it so strongly; this, of course, is personal observation though. In the first half, each time the pair came together made the butterflies fly, tickles were palpable in every scene of the duo; so was the heart-wrenching drama in the second half which tested emotional liberality and tolerance. What a beautiful illustration of the fact that Ishq ka rang is indeed saved, devoid of the tiniest smidgen of malice! Come what may love stands strong.

Songs that captured the essence of the story and intertwined with beautiful metaphors are placed so well that they only and only alleviate the entire craft. This was the first time songs never felt like an obstruction to the story, rather augmented and enhanced it. Wish we have more of this kind coming our way.

After a good time, there is a Bollywood romance that succeeds in creating what it sets out to, takes us on an emotional roller-coaster along with the characters. It’s time we stop the hypocrisy and foul cry of Bollywood being so dump and all-out cliché, stop with Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya and Half Girlfriend already! We have better choices. Just the matter of time before we cease to have these choices for lack of support we show.

The movie being talked about has IMDB rating 8.5 as I wrote this should be good enough testament that people have liked it. The problem, however, is that the snooty ilk that looks down upon everything Bollywood in a poor attempt to make themselves look enlightened didn’t seem to think too highly of it. Very fact that just to come to make this point I felt the need to prepare the ground is evidently strong enough for ascertaining the state of the conundrum we are in.

It really sinks my heart deeply to see this gem go so under-appreciated. This one deserves to be loved. Not just for what it is but also for what we would get if this is not shown appreciation to.Things shouldn’t be so unfair for something so beautiful. It was powerful enough to make a wallflower like me put it out there, and it is resplendent enough to make you fall for the enviable love of Sattu and Aarti.




  1. We do not watch all the movies on the silver screen and in this process we miss out some really damn good movies which are short of marketing and big star cast. SMZA is one of the gems of 2017 Hindi flicks. I was fortunate to see the flick after some good word of mouth began to pour in. The story of the film is blended so well that you connect to the characters instantly.

    SMZA is a terrific portrayal of our society which is been nicely packaged with crisp editing and powerhouse performance by its lead and a balanced performance given by its supporting cast. The film depicts the harsh reality of today’s Indian families who does gender discrimination, their appetite for maximum dowry and corruption in government offices. The movie doesn’t have a single dull moment. The chemistry between the lead pair is very refreshing. Overall, if you have missed to catch the flick in a nearby cinema, you should not miss on other platforms. Highly recommended!!!


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