Being crazy in love is what we have heard, but here is a case of being sarcastic in love. Actor Uday Chopra, who has been in the news for dating the hot Nargis Fakhri, made a pass at the actress through the micro blogging site Twitter yet again.

Uday posted a picture of himself holding a mug that has Nargis Fakhri imprinted on it and tweeted, “Who is this @NargisFakhri that everyone keeps linking me with…I’ve never heard of her!”

Now,we smell sarcasm and something too. Well, good friend Hrithik Roshan too reacted on this. He replied, “Mindblowing! Hahahaha @udaychopra”.

Check out Uday Chopra’s Tweet Pic right here:

Uday Chopra
Uday Chopra

We wonder what was going through Uday Baba’s mind when he tweeted this! Well, probably that’s why they say ‘being in love, gets you do the crazy stuff!’

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