Reema Kagti and Sanjay Gupta
Reema Kagti and Sanjay Gupta

A furious Sanjay Gupta started posting a series of hate messages about director Reema Kagti, on Twitter yesterday, when Reema in her recent interview to a leading daily accused Gupta of starting the allegations that Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (which was co-written by Reema and Zoya Akhtar) is a copy of a foreign film.


Moreover, she also stated that Sanjay Gupta has no right to talk about originality as, according to her, he had not made a single original film in his career. These statements didn’t really go well with Gupta and he retorted to her statements on the social networking site.

Here’s what Gupta said in his tweets, “Poor Reema Kagti, is desperate to create buzz for her thanda film. If using my name helps, so be it. Ms. Kagti you’ve paid lakhs to the paper to publicize your film and yet it’s me they highlight. No highlights in your film to talk about? Ms. Kagti why were you quiet at the time this controversy came out? Was it because you didn’t want to hamper your award season? Ms. Kagti if I’ve been inspired I have openly admitted and not hidden behind a curtain of fake originality. Ms. Kagti most of the films I’ve made have gotten 4 star ratings. But if not original I don’t shamelessly lobby and clamor for awards. And finally, Ms. Kagti I am available whenever you ask to debate the originality of ZNMD on an open stage.”

Reema Kagti’s upcoming directorial venture is the Aamir Khan starrer Talaash, which is slated to release on 30th November, 2012.




  1. ONLY an honest thief (in this case Sanjay Gupta) could have noticed and caught a dishonest (ha,ha} thief.After KAHAANI Aamir and Kaagti ,the well known script stealers made changes to make it look different.


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