While Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Rao may have been in Bollywood for quite some time now, the two rarely interacted with each other except at the occasional party. It was only when they got together for Rajshri Productions’ Love You… Mr. Kalakaar!, that the two got to know each other well. And they cannot stop praising each other either!

Tusshar Kapoor & Amrita Rao's Mutual Admiration Society (Amrita Rao, Tusshar Kapoor Love You… Mr. Kalakaar! Stills)
Amrita Rao, Tusshar Kapoor Love You… Mr. Kalakaar! Stills

While Tusshar plays an artist in director by S. Manasvi’s ‘Love You…’, Amrita plays a hardcore businesswoman in the film. “When we began working together on the first day, I thought Amrita was this serious type who liked to keep to herself. But I soon realized that she is like that only while preparing for her shot. Actually she is actually quite friendly and easy-going,” says Tusshar. Amrita returns the compliment. “I have seen Tusshar’s films over the years. And I think he has definitely evolved as an actor. In fact, while we were shooting for Love You Mr. Kalakaar, I happened to see his film Golmaal. He was just brilliant in the film. The character in the film and the person I met daily on our sets seemed like two different people.”

Surprisingly, Amrita Rao is known mostly for her romantic roles. Earlier Tusshar did more romantic roles but has been known as the comedy star since his Golmaal series.


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