A con-film covering every gamut of the game is what Raja Natwarlal is touted to be. But actor Kay Kay Menon explains how the film is not path breaking in any way but it is certainly a mainstream masala film which tried its hand at being intelligent.


In an interview to Koimoi, Kay Kay said, “Raja Natwarlal is not a Wonkar Wei but it is a very interesting film. There is a genuine effort to make it as intriguing and believable as possible. Certain liberties have to be taken in a certain formula film and that has been taken in this one too. There is an image of Emraan Hashmi which needs to be satisfied. My character in the film is too fond of his money. He can be killed if he is conned for a rupee. Now to con a guy like that is going to be difficult. And we have maintained it difficult here. What happens in our formula films is that in the first frame the villain looks absolutely amazing. Sharp, brutal, menacing and the very next scene he is portrayed as fool. The jerk is too much in all formula films.”

Kay Kay Menon in a still from movie 'Raja Natwarlal'
Kay Kay Menon in a still from movie ‘Raja Natwarlal’

Menon continued in the same vein and explained that Natwarlal is nuanced product. He said, “A cerebral level input was put into the film and it was maintained that he should not become a fool too easily and too soon. We kept it at a suspicious level. He is not adhering to what is being told to him but he is continuing with it still. We are not bringing down the antagonist just for the heck of it.”

But Kay Kay categorically did not disagree with the fact that formula films glorify heroes beyond necessary. He opines, “Formula begins on a problem note. There is a definition of a hero at the onset itself. A hero becomes a hero post facto. He does something heroic and hence he becomes a hero. Unfortunately in our films, the hero is there in the first place. It defeats the point of making the film! It is mostly a propoganda of personal ego happening. Tripping your own ego on screen is not called acting. It should be exactly the reverse. I surrender and keep Kay Kay’s ego out of the frame.”

The actor made an obvious dig at the masala films being churned out these days. And though they rake up crores, one cannot deny how films driven by male protagonists are an exhibition of ego shows these days.

Kay Kay Menon will be seen in Haider playing Khurram opposite Tabu and Shahid, following which he will be seen in Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet next year alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

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