Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

She has always been labeled bubbly, thanks to her effervescent and dimpled nonchalance. But Preity Zinta has always been a much more than that. She was a firecracker, much ahead of her times as she clearly had outscored all her contemporaries with consummate ease. The perfect mix of Beauty and Brains, we wish our dimply Preity Zinta a very Happy Birthday, hence preparing a wish-list for the bedazzling actress.


There might be a zillion things that everyone across the nation wants from her. We list down the five we want, oh-so-desperately from Preity Zinta and our famous Wishing Well!

A Bombastic Comeback

Today, when a Sridevi or a Madhuri Dixit is busy making gripping comebacks with some powerfully scripted films, we want our Ms. Zinta also to tread on the same lanes, for now. For an actress who had a brilliant screen presence in the early 2000s wowing us with wonderful and meticulously choice-d out roles, it was a shame to return back with a film as dismal as Ishkq In Paris! Ditch that perky giggle and settle for something as good as or even better than a Kya Kehna or a Kal Ho Naa Ho. We’ve been waiting enough and its time you lived upto your own caliber, darling! It’s time that you finally scream out, ‘Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti hoon’.

A winning cricket team in IPL

Too many rough patches in your life and we hope you deal with each of them beautifully this year. We have loved your jaado ki jhappis, we have felt the thousand times you got upset when your team lost it and we kind of were bespectacled by the ardent fervor that you brought on the IPL table. But nevertheless, Kings XI Punjab, despite being a relatively strong team has never been able to quite live upto expectations! Given the fact that you stuck so wonderfully with your team all throughout these past six seasons, you simply deserve to win. Hopefully this year, Ganesha will bring you luck and more luck to settle in for a clear victory on the cards. Give us that proud moment to sing along the lines of Dhoom Punjabi!

A Ness Wadia-ish Boyfriend:

Not long ago that you two were a doting couple and an item on the media charts, you decided to break it all up. Although you two have remained good friends even today, we want you to simply go around with your chocolate boy real life hero in arms. A replica to Ness Wadia maybe? Or even better, just get hitched. Given the sorry state of affairs in the Preity Kingdom, it is wise to walk down the aisle right now. At least you would have a solid reason to justify your absence from the silver screen. Am I right or am I just so right? And who knows, people would stop spreading baseless rumours about you being linked to any other actor (or even a filmmaker, lol) you see!

Resolve the Cheque Bouncing Case this year

We know that your film did not work. We know that Ishkq In Paris sank without a trace. There was so much Paris in that nonsense flick that Indian could not just bear it anymore. But why torture the miniature souls by ripping their pay cheques? Producer banna itna easy toh nahi tha na? Ab bhugto! Humein pata hai ki there was no script in that nonsensical film but that doesn’t mean you will snatch away your scriptwriter’s fair share. A typical case of Beauty turning Beast, ehh? Never mind, we wish your case gets resolved this year and such mindless controversies stop hovering around you.

A better financial year for you

Ab jhooth toh hum bolte nahi magar Zinta madam, aapka financial stability is on an all time low abhi. Cheques bouncing, films not working, IPL teams reaching the stage of almost being sacked, no rich handy boyfriends in tow, we so understand your plight, babe! Uske upar your never-changing extravagant life of luxuries are taking a toll! But again we HOPE that this year brings with it a lot more financial stability for you and may you be showered with a lot of money, total chhapad phaad ke! Don’t know how it would happen with no films in hand. Guess, it’s time to give way to producers and long-lost contacts over shrewdness and arrogance.

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