Arjun Rampal’s personal life has been in the news for quite some time now. Rumor mills have been talking about rifts between him and wife Meher and that the couple were heading for a splitsville. According to a report printed by tabloid Midday, the actor was spotted yesterday with his wife at the family court in Bandra. Unfortunately, the news report presented by them said that the couple may have been filing for a divorce.

Angered by such a false report, Arjun took to Twitter to express his disappointment about such news. He also further confirmed that it is his close friend March Robinson and his wife Waluscha who are parting ways and that was why Arjun and Meher were present at the court.

Arjun Rampal & Meher Jessia at an event
Arjun Rampal & Meher Jessia at an event


Lashing out at the media, Arjun tweeted:

My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce?Say,Midday&few others.U know it’s really easy to find that out.Did u bother? #fakepress 

The state of affairs about journalists in India.They on group chats on wasapp and cook up stories.Thats where news is made.That’s the truth.

The truth about Bandra court?The couple were old friend Marc Robbinson and Wallucha.Oops they got their facts all wrong again. #fakepress

From today I refuse to do any personal interviews or discuss my personal life with any media person.Mind your own business. #fakepress.

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