This 8th of September marks the 80th Birthday of Legendary singer, Asha Bhosle. She has recorded about a 20,000 songs in her entire career spanned over the last six decades and has created a name in the world forum as one of India’s most renowned soundtrack playback singers. Sampling out her best works is not only hard, it is almost impossible. She is the epitome of versatility and has songs in innumerable genres, ranging from soft romantic ballads to ghazals to pop, she has sung them all. The Guinness Book of World Records has included her as one of the most recorded playback artistes in the world. One might favorite her works depending on their personal taste and inclination for music. To summarize her work is a hard deal; however on the eve of her 80th birthday, we present the Best songs of Asha Bhosle attempting to include all her varied styles of work.

Happy Birthday to Asha Bhosle on her 80th Birthday
Happy Birthday to Asha Bhosle on her 80th Birthday

Parde Mein Rehne Do Song – Shikar 1968


This song is from the 1968 film Shikar. The song renders to the film’s plot an element of mystery. The song’s tone is similar and often shy and seductive. Asha’s voice rings well with music’s chime. This movie won her the 1969 Best Female Playback Singer Award at the Filmfare Awards.

Piya Tu Ab To Aaja Song – Caravan 1971

This song is from the 1971 film Caravan. This movie was musical hit besides being commercially successful too. The lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri and legendary music director, Rahul Dev Burman made this song one of Bollywood’s most memorable. Picturized on actress, dancer, Helen, this song is an evoking tale of the passion in the act of waiting. This is one of Ashaji’s most memorable songs, so is Helen’s. Ashaji’s voice suited Helen and their duo has many more hit dance numbers. This song also won her, The Best Playback Singer award at the Filmfare Awards in 1972.

Dum Maaro Dum Song – Hare Rama Hare Krishna 1971

Shot on Zeenat Aman, this song is one of her most epic ones. The movie “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” saw the lead lady being introduced in this song. Lyricist Anand Bakshi and R.D Burman ensured this song is sung by someone whose voice has a smoky yet soft and intoxicating quality and who could have done it better than Asha Bhosle. She was at a career high in the 1970s and was delivering hit songs year after year and bagging awards. “Dum Maaro Dum” won her the 1973 Best Female Playback Singer Award at the Filmfare Awards in 1973.

Yeh Mera Dil Song – Don 1978

The soundtrack of Don was very memorable. So much so the remake of Don by Farhan Akhtar ensured songs from the original film are recreated especially “Yeh Mera Dil”. This song is the essence of the film and was imported to its remake version as well. Originally picturized on Helen, and sung by Ashaji, the song had a spunky element of climax and was at the same time a very vivacious and energetic song. The commendable energy and the spark Ashji got into the song could not be recreated in its newer version which was sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. This movie again won her A Best Female Playback Singer Award at the Filmfare Awards in 1979.

Dil Cheez Kya Hai Song – Umrao Jaan 1981

Asha Bhosle was always known for singing popular songs, which have an energetic essence and more fast beat ones. No one knew her real versatile talent until she sang ghazals for the 1981 film, Umrao Jaan. The soundtrack designed by Khayyam and the lyrics of Sharyar, Ashaji gave this song its real value bringing it every feeling of the word with her deep and intrinsic voice. This song went on to become a classic and is an example of a legendary singer’s versatility to sing songs of every genre with as much ease and comfort. In 1981, for this song, Ashaji won The National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer.

Mera Kuchh Saamaan Song – Ijaazat 1987

This song is part of a letter that a girl writes to his former lover, asking to keep back the memories of their love and not their physical relationship. The song has an immensely overwhelming and mesmerizing quality which would make sense to anyone who has been in love or has suffered unrequited love at the hands of destiny. Penned by Gulzaar Sahab, and music composed by R.D Burman, Ashaji agrees this song is her personal favorite. The lyrics were unusual and the music was both pleasing and painful at the same time. The song established Ashaji in terms of versatility and catapulted her miles ahead of her competitors. This song also won her The National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer in 1986.

Tanha Tanha Song – Rangeela 1995

This song with A.R Rahman established her comeback and created an alliance which went on to give extraordinary songs for the next decade to come. This song had an adolescent ring in it. Ideally, it would have been advisable to get this song sung by a younger singer. But Rahman was confident about Asha ji singing it because he was aware her unparalleled and unmatchable energy with which a 62 year old Bhosle could so confidently sing for a much younger Urmila Matondkar.

Radha Kaise Na Jale Song – Lagaan 2001

A.R Rahman working on many assignments with Asha Bhosle earned a mutual trust and appreciation for the legendary singer. “Radha Kaise Na Jale” remains one of the most fondly remembered songs of Lagaan. The lyrics written by Javed Akhtar, Ashaji’s voice brought life into the song. The song talks of a lover’s jealousy and insecurity due to her partner’s frivolousness.

Mujhe Rang De Song – Thakshak 1999

The music of the film made it memorable and highlighted the film vastly. The song was penned by Sukhwinder Singh. It became very popular and also featured in the 2008 Hollywood film “The Accidental Husband”.

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo – Love Supreme Album 2005

Originally written by Fayyaz Hashmi, Ashaji recreated this song as a tribute to vocalist Farida Khanum. This album was an attempt to reach out classical music to the younger generation who can appreciate metal rock better than classical tunes of sarangi and tabla. This song won her the Best Female Pop Act at the MTV Immies.

This artist has the ability to connect with every age group with the mere power of her mesmerizing voice. She is often pitched as a competitor of her sister, Lata Mangeshkar. Asha Bhosle is a singer of great might and value. She is stylish and can sing everything. And even at 80, she can host popular singing talent shows and connect to a much younger generation of artistes and learn about their notions on popular music. Koimoi takes the great honor of dedicating this article to Ashaji’s wonderful voice and wishes her a very Happy 80th Birthday.



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