Oscar nominated director Ashvin Kumar’s film, The Forest will release on 11 May.

Ankur Vikal, Javed Jaffrey, Saleem Ali  Zaidi, Nandana Sen In The Forest
Ankur Vikal, Javed Jaffrey, Saleem Ali Zaidi, Nandana Sen In The Forest


Not only that, the screening will include Ashvin’s Oscar nominates short film Little Terrorist as a double bill under PVR Director’s Rare initiative.

The Forest stars stars Nandana Sen and Ankur Vikal as a couple from a big city on vacation in the Indian jungle to sort out their troubled marriage when they run into the wife’s ex-lover, Jaaved Jaffery.

Director Ashvin Kumar says, “Finally! The Forest has been lost in the woods for five years and it’s been a heart-breaking journey. There can’t be a more humbling and educating experience than winning an Oscar nomination, producing your first feature film, then being turned down at every door in Bombay for its distribution and release. I hope audiences will vindicate our stand and come out in droves to see The Forest and celebrate this new way of releasing independent cinema!”

PVR Director’s Rare is the recently launched alternative programming initiative of PVR Cinemas to support the theatrical release of critically acclaimed, small independent films.

The Forest: Synopsis

A quiet, peaceful forest, a secluded rest house – the perfect place for Pritam and Radha, a couple from a big city, to sort out a troubled and childless marriage. But things start going wrong from the moment they run into a forgotten adversary. Abhishek, the wife’s ex-lover turns out to be the local cop; he invites himself and his son Arjun to their vacation. As husband and lover lock horns for the woman, primitive instincts are heightened by the wilderness that surrounds them. Embroiled in their dark secrets and dangerous games they fail to see signs of a much greater threat. A man eating leopard is drawn by the smell of human flesh and as night falls. The nocturnal predator comes into his element He knows that man is the weakest animal in his jungle and he is a perfect killer. In a night of terror, survival for the city slickers will depend on outwitting a wild animal who is hunting on his home turf and has lost his natural fear of man.




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