100 Crores in their kitty and Bang Bang is soaring high. Hrithik Roshan has been going through an emotional and physical slump all through last year. With his ailments and fall-out with his wife after 17 years of relationship, Bang Bang is a streak of hope, life and more for him.


In an interview to Koimoi, Hrithik told us how happy the numbers have made him. He said, “I am very happy with box office numbers. This is only way to judge the success of film in its entirety. The numbers speaking helps. You can be surrounded by 10,000 people around you who are praising you to the skies but turns out that they are the only 10,000 people who have watched the film. I have done films which have been from the sad space, they were spiritual films, there are people who have praised me to bits. But it was true that they were only people who watched the film. Others skipped it. It is only through numbers that you can correctly gauge how much a film has succeeded. Numbers give you perspective in the entirety of the film. How much your film is loved in India and abroad is something that is reflected through the numbers alone.”

Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie 'Bang Bang'
Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie ‘Bang Bang’

But the reviews have been mixed. Hrithik agrees and though not everyone has liked his films, he is happy to have complied with the wishes of his fans who wanted to see him dance and do Dhoom 2 action all over again. He said, “Everyone’s opinions matters to me because you never know which line of whose can become the accelerating point of growth in your life. I have done films in which the reviews have made me out to be some God but those films have made no money. You have to do all kinds of films. Some make some happy, others make others happy. And a bunch that will make everyone happy. Sid’s vision is a lot like my father. If I tell my father to make a small film with a message, which make people think about life and adds to spiritual growth, he will say No need to make such a film. He wants to make films with Sunshine, dance, drama and entertainment. Bang Bang is one step ahead of my last film. We have crossed 100 crores in 5 days. That’s become a big feat!”

Bang Bang that released on 2nd October will soon become one of the top grossers at the box office in 2014. The film is a hit with the fans of both Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif and for Fox Star Studios, it is a memorable victory to have churned out a film spread on this canvas and of this scale.

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