As if the adverse public reports of Tees Maar Khan and the horrifying drop it experienced in collections from the fourth day were not bad enough for the film and those associated with it, came the salvo from The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on 28th December.

Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif (Tees Maar Khan Wallpaper)

The KFCC has asked the film’s Mysore distributor, Arun Mehra, to explain why he had released the film in 35 screens when the limit for non-Kannada films is 27 screens. UFO Moviez was asked by KFCC not to issue licences for the film from the second week onwards. The Association also requested the single-screen cinemas, which ran the movie in the first week, to hold back the distributor’s share, because of his violation of the KFCC’s norms. Incidentally, it’s a wonder how no Hindi film distributor has thought of dragging the KFCC to  the Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices Commission for its restrictive trade practice of not permitting non-Kannada movies to be released in more than 27 screens.

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