The country is shook with Bollywood diva Tanushree Dutta’s confession of being sexually harassed by veteran actor Nana Patekar. She not only accused him of sexual assault, but furthermore went onto blame Akshay Kumar & Superstar Rajinikanth for contradicting their actions and words by working with harassers like Patekar. But that’s not it, there’s more that Tanushree has to reveal, this time about the famous Rakhi Sawant.

In an interview with Zoom TV, Tanushree expressed her disappointment of being replaced by Rakhi Sawant in Horn Ok Pleassss (2009). She feels she deserved being replaced by someone who was more worthy and ‘classy’. “After this incident, they brought in who? Rakhi Sawant on the sets. Biggest Insult! My replacement Rakhi Sawant, Okay? I mean… I have nothing to say about her as a woman but as a human being I definitely needed to be replaced by someone a little more classy,” she said.

Tanushree Dutta SLAMS Rakhi Sawant: "BIGGEST Insult To Get Replaced By Her"
Tanushree Dutta SLAMS Rakhi Sawant: “BIGGEST Insult To Get Replaced By Her”

Dutta also shared to how the controversy queen, Rakhi, reacted to her sexual assault and insulted her with derogatory statements. She revealed, “What does she do? She comes onto the sets, she replaces me and then she starts talking shit about me. I remember her statement, ‘Uske Shareer me golds and diamonds lage hai kya jo usko chu nahi sakte?”

In a world where even men are trying hard to contribute to women empowerment, we’re not sure to how good it is for women to make a dig at each other! Let’s see how far this is going because one thing for sure, it’s just the start. Meanwhile, there’s no official statement about the allegation by Nana Patekar yet.

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  1. So what if women make digs at each other? Let them do it. Because that will help refine the gamut of support that men are providing. There are bad apples in every basket! So let the men know who the racketeers are, so that the bad ones dont steal the genuine encouragement of men.

  2. Just because a depressed fat actor is out of the game & accuses a co-actor (maybe right or wrong) does it mean everyone has to follow suit & stop working with that person on mere allegations? She thinks Bollywood is a ‘house of cards’?


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