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The Many Posters Of Talaash

Aamir khan in Talash
Spot the fake

If you want to learn how to keep a secret, you have to take lessons from Aamir Khan. We’ve just seen glimpses of him in his khaki uniform in Talaash, while Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji share the same fate. Unable to resist themselves, fans have taken it on themselves and created quite a few interesting posters of the film. Too bad Farhan Akhtar had to take to Twitter to ensure that the real poster wasn’t out yet, “Also please beware of a fake ‘Talaash’ poster doing the rounds…. it is not the official first look. That is still to happen.”

Bipasha Basu’s Leggy Compliment

Bipasha Basu in Players
Bipasha Basu in Players

While Players may not be topmost thing on our mind right now, its posters seem to be grabbing eye balls. The entire cast was superimposed in front of a nude, gold embellished body in the first look, although it looks like the cast has been put for better use now. The above poster caught director Sujoy Ghosh’s eye and he tweeted, “Who is this leg on this PLAYERS hoarding ? how am I suppose to drive and keep my eyes on the road?” to which Bipasha Basu replied, “@sujoy_g Hey!Its my leg:) U r supposed 2 stop on the side look at d hoarding n then come on 6th of jan to see our film #Players!Love n Hugs!”

Er, now that’s one way to promote your film.

The Grammar Nazis Will Haunt Shahid Kapoor

Salman Khan and Shahid Kapoor are some of the celebrities infamous for their ‘grammar’ on Twitter. Shahid’s infamous “girlgandfaux pas was one among many (the timing was the clincher!) of his grammar boo-boos. One of Shahid’s recent, and not to mention random, tweets was, “Why why why can’t I not read subtitles as hard as I try not to !!!!!!!!!!!!!” to which desijourno had a fitting repartee: “Coz they’re spelled correctly”. Should have invested more in grammar lessons…

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