Recently, a shocking sexual assault case of Harvey Weinstein was exposed which was followed by several other cases too. It was followed by Kevin Spacey who was being accused of raping a 14-year-old girl. Many celebs have come forward and opened up about it.


In Bollywood, some actresses have preferred to remain silent on this issue, while some of them have openly spoken about it. One of those is Swara Bhaskar, who has chosen to speak up. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, the Veere Di Wedding actress shared her chilling experience about she was sexually harassed by a drunk filmmaker on the sets.

Swara Bhaskar Shares A Disturbing Experience Of Sexual Harassment With A Drunk Filmmaker
Swara Bhaskar Shares A Disturbing Experience Of Sexual Harassment With A Drunk Filmmaker

When she was asked if she had ever personally come across a sexual harassment case in Bollywood, she said, “Of course. I’ve been propositioned by men who were in a position to cast me. I lost a few roles because I didn’t give in. It made me vulnerable, nervous. Some people even stopped responding to my messages because they knew I would not give in. Being an articulate, educated girl they sensed that I would not take things lying down.”

Sharing about her disturbing experience, she said, “There have been catcalls during shoots and eve-teasing on one of my sets. I’ve been groped by a mob during promotions and during a 56-day outdoor at a remote location, when I was still fairly new, the director harassed me with texts and dinner invites. He stalked me during the day and called me through the night.

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I was asked to go to his hotel room on the pretext of discussing the scene and would find him drinking. During the first week itself, he started talking about love and sex and one night arrived in my room, drunk, and asked to be hugged. It was scary! I was young and alone. I would switch off the lights after pack-up and remove my make up in the dark so he would think I was asleep and stop calling me.”

Swara also told about how she dealt with this harassment. She said, “He acted hurt and said I had misunderstood him. He stayed away for two weeks, and then he was back to his tricks. I finally confided in the executive producer and made sure that I was escorted everywhere.” In the end, Swara concludes by giving her mantra on how to deal with harassment, “Lose the part but don’t get on the couch.”

Kudos to you, Swara! :)




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