Sushant Singh Rajput's Family Was Aware Of His Mental Health Issues Since 2013, Their Statements Given To Mumbai Police After His Death OUT
Sushant Singh Rajput’s Family Was Aware Of His Mental Health Issues Since 2013, Their Statements Given To Mumbai Police After His Death OUT

Was it a suicide or a planned murder? No one knows what’s the truth behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. His family has been stating that the late actor wasn’t depressed. SSR’s father also filed an FIR with Bihar Police against Rhea Chakraborty levelling several charges against her. After a lot of ups and downs, the case is finally with CBI.

The case is getting murkier day by day. With chats to phone conversations being leaked, many complications have been witnessed. However, SSR’s family has been quite adamant that the Dil Bechara actor was not depressed. They claim that even if he was, his then GF Rhea Chakraborty didn’t inform the family. But the Jalebi actress is firm with her statement that she had told the Sushant’s family about his condition.



Amid all this, initial statements of Sushant Singh Rajput’s family are accessed by Indian Express. In their initial statements, the late actor’s family talked about being aware of his mental health issues. What’s shocking is in these statements, the family revealed they were aware of SSR’s mental health issues since 2013. These statements were given by the family two days after his death.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Neetu had said in her statement that her brother had sought psychiatric help in 2013 from a doctor in Andheri. She told the Mumbai Police on June 16, “In 2013, my brother Sushant Singh Rajput told me and other sisters that he was feeling very low. He used to come out of this once we all convinced him. In 2013, he consulted a psychiatrist in Andheri. After that, he became composed and his career was progressing well. He had attained huge success in very little time.”

She also mentioned that Sushant was affected deeply with their mother’s death in 2002. Neetu also talked about the late actor’s mental health in 2019, October. At that time, SSR told his family that he was feeling ‘very low’ due to professional ups and downs. During this time, her sisters and husband OP Singh were in Mumbai and stayed with Sushant for a few days.

In her another statement which she gave a month later, she revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput took help from a doctor in Mumbai’s’ Hinduja Hospital. On June 4, SSR again told Neetu that he is feeling low. Later, their sister Meetu went to stay with him for a few days and left on June 12. It was two days later on June 14, the actor died by alleged suicide in his apartment. Neetu also said that she has no idea if her brother “committed suicide due to business or some other reason”. Even their sister Priyanka mentioned same details in her June 16 statements to cops.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Priyanka’s husband Siddharth Tanwar also talked about SSR’s mental health in his statement. He told the Mumbai Police that the Pavitra Rishta actor was ‘feeling strange’ in November 2009. At that time, the late actor called his sister to Mumbai, but Siddharth told the actor to come to Delhi. When SSR’s sisters went to meet him in Mumbai, they booked his flight to Chandigarh. But Siddharth said that the actor changed his mind at last minute. Tanwar said, “He used to keep changing his mind.”

Siddharth Tanwar also shared about his interaction with the late actor in 2013 during the release of Shuddh Desi Romance. It was in 2013 itself the actor told his brother-in-law that he is satisfied seeing his poster everywhere and “he didn’t want to work in films anymore”. “I made him understand that in life, everyone has to do some work. After that, he started working in films again,” Priyanka’s husband said in his statement.

Tanwar also talked about what happened in May 2020. He told the Mumbai Police that Sushant Singh Rajput was not feeling well and wanted to leave films. He said that the Dil Bechara actor wanted to teach children and do farming. That’s when Siddharth Tanwar told the actor to come to Delhi. However, due to COVID-19 situation, the actor couldn’t travel.

The CBI also possesses SSR’s father KK Singh and another sister Meetu Singh’s statement to Mumbai Police. In his statement, KK Singh said that he last met his son on May 13, 2019. The late actor was in Patna for two days. KK Singh told the cops that his son was not tense in any way. He also revealed the last conversation he had with his son.

As per KK Singh’s statement, On June 7, 2020, he asked Sushant to come to Patna. However, the actor told him, “Let me see, I am not feeling well.” Singh also told the cops that he has no idea why his son ‘committed suicide’. He told the cops that SSR never discussed any depression or tension with him. KK Singh said to the cops, “I feel Sushant might have committed suicide out of dejection.”

When Sushant Singh Rajput’s family lawyer Vikas Singh was asked about these statements, he said, “I am not aware of this, so I cannot comment. In any case, I do not want to comment on police investigations.”

When Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde was contacted by the daily, he said, “The family knew about Sushant’s condition since the beginning. They have deliberately chosen to make false statements, before the Bihar police and even the courts. If Rhea had anything to do with the incident, why didn’t they make these allegations in the beginning? The truth is coming out now. Those who make false statements before courts should be prosecuted.”

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