Recently there was a news that Salman Khan bashed Sushant Singh Rajput because he allegedly misbehaved with Sooraj Pancholi. But Sooraj has produced a statement putting end to all these baseless rumours stating them ridiculous.


“These rumours are baseless & ridiculous. Sushant and I are like brothers,” said Sooraj Pancholi slams rumours of a problem with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sushant Singh Rajput & I Are Like Brothers; Sooraj Pancholi Rubbishes Rumours
Sushant Singh Rajput & I Are Like Brothers; Sooraj Pancholi Rubbishes Rumours

Rumours of Sooraj Pancholi having a problem with Sushant Singh Rajput over Sushant’s alleged misbehaviour with him, haven’t gone down well with the actors, who are close friends and are often spotted hanging out together on several occasions.


Rubbishing the news says a source close to Sushant Singh Rajput & Sooraj Pancholi, “The reports doing the rounds are completely baseless. Sushant & Sooraj are good friends and hang out a lot socially. In fact they even met last week. Naysayers hinted at a possibility of a fight between the two but they laughed it off recently at a common friends’ birthday party and even posted a mock fighting image shutting down the rumours. These vicious lies are a figment of someone’s imagination as in reality it is far from the truth”.

When contacted said Sooraj, “These rumours are completely baseless and ridiculous. Sushant and I are like brothers and in fact, we just hung out last week!”

Recently he was also asked about his living alone, “I have been staying alone for the past 12 years, and it made me too mature for my years. I used to live with my grandparents since childhood and continued to stay in their house even after they passed away when I was 14. I want to spend more time with my parents and my sister now,” added the son of actor couple Zarina Wahab and Aditya Pancholi.




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