Surekha Sikri Isn't Responding Sufficiently, In A Confused State Of Mind - REPORTS
Surekha Sikri Isn’t Responding Sufficiently, In A Confused State Of Mind – REPORTS

It was earlier today when it was reported that the legendary actress Surekha Sikri is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and wad in ‘good hands’. But now, other sets of reports are stating that the actress is suffering from the accumulation of fluid in the lungs. Not just this, it’s also been said that her response to the situation is not up to the desired level.


Reports doing rounds also claim that the actress’ nurse had to break her fixed account, in order to accumulate the money to hospitalise her for the brain stroke she suffered from yesterday. Yesterday evening, it was also being reported that her health is getting better, but today’s follow-up isn’t looking good.


Folks down at ETimes report, “At 1:08 am, when contacted, a hospital official informed us about the delicate condition of her lungs and also said, ‘The clot (developed due to the stroke) will have to be removed by medicines (thinners). But yes, Surekhaji is also in a bit of a confused state of mind.'”

The report also says, “Another call at 3.45 am to the hospital in question got us to know that Surekha Sikri ji’s condition had continued to remain the same. ‘She isn’t responding sufficiently,’ said the voice at the other end.”

They even contacted the neurologist Surekha Sikri ji’s neurologist at Criticare Hospital, Dr Ashutosh Shetty. Dr Shetty said, “Well, the fluid in the lungs will have to be tapped and then sent for analysis. Blood thinners have been administered, and this will take time. She talks but only one word at a time. She has had an acute stroke, her responses are faint and slow, and this will take time.”

We just hope and wish a speedy recovery for Surekha Sikri Ji!

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