The much-awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Sultan released yesterday. While the teaser had shown us a glimpse of Salman as the Haryanvi wrestler Sultan Khan, this action packed trailer provides us much more than what was expected.


What’s a sports drama without an underdog? Hence, meet Sultan, who starts off with a smashing career in wrestling and even wins at the Olympics, until a conflict arrives. Soon, the story shifts into him leaving the sport and then his resurrection to the top.

Sounds familiar? We have to agree that the story does find its wee bit of inspiration from the Rocky series. Mainly, it could be an amalgamation of Rocky IV and Rocky Balboa.

Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in a still from Sultan
Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in a still from Sultan

Being not just a sports drama, Sultan also has an equally action-packed leading lady. Anushka Sharma too portrays the role of a wrestler, by the name of Aarfa. Her hard-work is quite evident in the trailer itself.

We are also introduced to the characters of Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda in the film. Randeep will be seen as a coach who trains Sultan after the once legendary player has lost touch of the sport.

Overall, the Sultan trailer promises entertainment without making any tall claims about a pitch perfect story. The makers probably know, however cliched it may be, this is by far the most challenging role Salman has taken in recent times. A tad bit longer trailer seems to be a give away, I hope some major twist still remains to be told!

Salman’s Haryanvi accent seems okay in the trailer but it will be important to see how well he maintains it throughout the film.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar who previously helmed two average films, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday, seems more confident now with his camera. The ‘Akhada’ scenes look great in the trailer and could make up for a great watch in theaters.

SULTAN Official Trailer

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  1. 1 – a pro wrestler tries to win Olympics.
    2- somehow leaves the wrestling.
    3- after some years something came up, and he has to wrestle again.
    4 – train like a Rocky movie star,
    5 – loses some fights.
    6 – wins the final competition.
    7 – wins the trophy.
    8 – happy ending.
    oh and some cheap jokes too.
    Bravo.. clap.. clap clap
    For God sake bollywood please bring something new pls


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