Subhash Ghai has given us some notable films, he has also been a quite enthusiast to talk about films or the industry! His latest tweet definitely got our attention. The filmmaker had uploaded a picture stating the yearly report of the movies released this year.


Ghai bought up a very important question regarding the fact that there were a huge number of movies that flopped this year and the industry only got a few hits and semi-hits. He quoted “In 2017 Hindi cinema box office declares – Out of 286 films released only 14 movies were hits n semi hits and 15 covered its costs and could stay in theatres. Why 257 were flopped? Analysis is necessary by writers directors and Producers to know our real audience taste.”

Subhash Ghai Puts Up A Smar Question For All The Filmmakers Out There
Subhash Ghai Puts Up A Smart Question For All The Filmmakers Out There

The box office report shows that 286 films were released in 2017, out of which 219 were Hindi movies, 59 dubbed, 1 animated, 4 dubbed animated and 3 English movies. And that does not end here, the main point that he highlighted was that 257 movies were flops!

It looks like the filmmakers need to focus on how to analyze what fans like to see? Subash Ghai has taken up the right topic to raise.


Earlier, Ghai had kept a screening of his movie Hero. “My movie ‘Hero’ was an important film for me, which gave birth to a lot of stars and technicians. This movie also gave birth to me and (my banner) Mukta Arts,” Ghai said.

On why he chose to screen the film again after 35 years, Ghai said: “The movie ran for 75 weeks on the big screen, but what made me happy was that it ran for 35 years on the small screen (television). My film has been running for 35 long years.

“I think the team behind the film was talented, spirited and honest. Whether it was Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Anand Bakshi, Jackie Shroff or Meenakshi Seshadri, it shows that a film can live up to 35 to 50 years.

“I wanted the young generation to witness old classics on the big screen. They watch it on the small screen, but I want them to have the big screen experience. That’s why I have screened this movie here and started this mission to showcase one classic movie every week.”

Ghai pointed out how Jackie was not just a newcomer at the time, but a non-actor too.

“He didn’t know anything about acting at the time of ‘Hero’, but he was a great student. He learned acting and now he is a good actor. Now Jackie Shroff is a huge star and his son, Tiger Shroff is also a big star,” Ghai said.

Jackie, who was present at the event, recounted some fond memories from the film’s shoot.”This song ‘Nindiya se jagi bahar’… During its shoot, Meenakshi had 104 degree Celsius fever. She got a morning shot call at five and she had to do this cold waterfall scene. Her dedication and discipline were remarkable.” “I would like to credit Subhash Ghai for my career,” Jackie added.




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