Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Salman ko toh hats off yaar. Kya dude banda hai. Poori industry peet peechey bitching karti hai and ye media ke samne dahar ke aata hai.

Yesterday when Shah Rukh Khan‘s injury on the sets of Happy New Year news break hui, I just thought ki yaar isko Jai Ho se pehle hi injure hona tha.


And guess what Salman Khan said when asked about it. He said, “This had to happen just before the release of Jai Ho? Don’t blow this news out of proportion.” Obviously he added ki yeh co-incidence tha, but the bhaari co-incidence was just too much. Perhaps, it was too difficult for SRK to digest the limelight that his new found jhappi pal is getting! Papa Khan, you’ve had your time during Chennai Express. Can’t you see this is Sallu’s time now?

Just Chill. SRK Nanavati mein ghusa aur wahan se nikla in an hour. Nothing serious happened, trust me! Salman even said, “Unke jaan pe hamla nahi hua hai (There was no mortal attack). He has not lost his memory… He is fine, so concentrate on Jai Ho. We just found out that he is fine, so we are happy.”

SRK ke tweets se bhi zahir hai he is fine. So why the hype about his injuries? Choti moti kharoch pe roya nahi kartey, Salman se thode lessons le lo. And audiences, Jai Ho dekh ke aao. Kya dhaasu film banayi hai.

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)




  1. iss gossip aunty ki pitayi hona chahiye..ghatiya analysis .. srk ko salman ki tarika apna ne ki jarurat kyun hoga ? undoubtedly SRK is the biggest name of bollywood around the world.. mujhe toh lag raha hain Salman ne iss gossip aunty ko paisa deke apni Jai ho film ka publicity karne ki kowshish kar raha nai.. poor Salman and his fans..

    • THis website always publishes good news about Shahrukh, why this website, almost whole media supports Shahrukh and they always spread negative news about Salman Khan, but this time as ‘Jai Ho’ is a great movie.. every one is supporting Salman, but see how dirty minded SRK is!! He is doing conspiracy to stop at least his fans from watching ‘Jai Ho’, while Salman helped him by hugging him before Chennai Express.. and thus almost all Salman Khan fans watched and supported Chennai Express, even after very poor review and negative word of mouths!!

  2. chup be kutte , aab te salman ka fan hai toh kya uski aur uski film ki publicity kar ne ke liye kuch bhi chaap dega…tujhe bhi pata hai ki jai ho koi record break nahi kar payega issi liye suru ho gaya, agar kisi chis ko succes full hona hai na toh uuse kisi bahane ki jarurat nahi parta, so ye saab bahane aur bakwaas karna bandh kar…

  3. Hei dumb stupid gossip aunti, dimag kharaf mat kar.. Pehle tum harami mediawalo nei SRK’ki news ko baha chaha kar bola.. SRK nei 2mlogo ko nahi kaha tha ki aisa news do.. We know better then u media people about SRK.. SRK ko publicity ki jarurat nahi sirf naam hi kafi hai..


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