Check out this trippy first look poster of Soundtrack with Rajeev Khandelwal.

Rajeev Khandelwal (Soundtrack Movie First Look Poster)
Soundtrack Movie First Look Poster


Rajeev Khandelwal plays a music lover in Soundtrack. He comes from a small town in India to Mumbai carrying just three things- a guitar, a pair of head phones and a dream. Soon, he’s living his dream as a DJ at the city’s most rocking night club – Tango Charlie. His dream to be a composer becomes real when celebrated film maker Anurag Kashyap gives him the break to compose music in his forthcoming film and Rajeev gives it his best.

But life has other cards to hand him. Tinnitus coupled with an over exposure to loud noise takes away – his hearing. With him going deaf, his dreams are shattered and he ends up going into a very dark and lonely place.

In this depressed state and battling internal demons he meets his antithesis Soha Ali Khan, a beautiful free spirited, bohemian, speech therapist for whom life is treasure, and every minute is worth living to the fullest. Rajeev and Soha come together with just one common thread – both of them can’t hear a thing. Soha coaches Rajeev to get started with his communication and helps him pick the pieces in his life. In his new found love for life, Rajeev chances upon a kathak performance, which makes him, feel the vibrations of music. His body slowly but surely starts begins to do what no other musician can do. Rajeev now begins to feel the music but still can’t hear. It sets off a whole chain reaction to his life, and now, he feels music everywhere.

Will Rajeev, now get his chance to get people to hear what he has for them, and compose his masterpiece?




  1. hi rajeev,
    it is mind blowing. i really love it. i am too exited to watch movie. i wish this movie become super duper hit. best of luck rajeev. i love you. bye


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