It is a matter of pride to be associated with Rajshri Productions. While Salman Khan has proudly donned the Prem tag for years in the 90s, rumor has it that he is all set to team up again with Sooraj Bajatya in his next film which is slotted for 2014.


Salman, who is now associated with more robust roles, is popular as Dabangg Khan. It will take a delectable chemistry to evoke the romantic side of the man now popular as Chulbul Pandey.

Sonakshi Sinha,Salman Khan And Anushka Sharma
Sonakshi Sinha,Salman Khan And Anushka Sharma

To be noted as a Rajashri girl is difficult and going by the legacy actresses like Madhuri Dixit has erstwhile held the coveted position. Going by the rumors, the top contenders for the lead lady of 2014 Rajshri film are Anushka Sharma and Sonakshi Sinha.

Anushka is an obvious preference for her overt vivaciousness and energy which she renders on the screen. However, the makers are also considering Sonakshi Sinha for the role since her chemistry with Salman is appealing. And both her films with Salman have become humongous hits!

Now who will be cast in the role finally is a tough call but the film will definitely revive a genre of 90s’ Bollywood that has gone absolutely missing from the mainstream film scenario these days!




  1. Common.. Diana Penty or Priyanka Chopra hands down……….. NO other girl will suite Salman on Rajshri’s movie… Deepika has too much of a Diva-ness on her- she will look good with Salman in some Kick ass movies.. Saying that Priyanka is no less a Diva for sure but she can pull up anything- Jilmil or Mary kong or just a Beauty silhouette.
    But Diana Pentry will look as a fresh pair and an awsome one, she is not that run off the mill leading ladies like others we know in the industry – Diana has maintained her personality and has till now kept a good reputation even after her huge success with Cocktail.. so The Best Choice would be DIANA PENTY and also once the movie is completed they should get married- as unlike other actresses she doesn’t have a history which would bother Salman Khan’s ego. Here the question is otherwise- “Will Diana Penty accept Salman’s proposal”? but again our Bhai is choosy and and Choosy ppl should go with the Angels not with Beautiful Devils…
    “Salman and Diana will look like a new age Salman and Bagyashree..”


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