Sleep-deprived Salman Khan READY To Take On The World Again!Besides the youth, children form a major component of Salman Khan’s fan following. And so it is only appropriate that Salman is going to be with the chillar party (as kids are lovingly referred to in Hindi) at the Chillar Party event.

As you know, Salman Khan after watching UTV’s ‘Chillar Party’, decided to present it because he loved the film in which kids play the main protagonists. Today (3rd June) at 3 pm, UTV and Salman will launch the first trailer of ‘Chillar Party’ at Globus cinema, Bandra, Bombay.

Salman, who returned from Dubai (where Ready was premiered), on Wednesday (1st June) night, had lunch with his parents around 12 noon on Thursday (2nd June). The afternoon and evening of Thursday were devoted to cinema hopping as he had arranged special shows of his ‘Ready’ in a few cinemas of Bombay a day before the film’s release, specially for kids and some NGOs. The star returned home around 11 pm and slept past midnight.

Salman woke up around noon today, oblivious to the tremors his film had created on release in cinemas across the country. A quick bath followed by an equally quick bite – and Salman will soon be in the midst of chillar party.

If you are wondering how a star can be sleeping till 12 noon when his film released at 9 am and even before that in a couple of cinemas, here’s why:

Salman Khan’s Whirlwind Tour

Salman has been on a whirlwind tour of north India. After promoting his film in Patiala, Salman drove down to Chandigarh after which he flew to Delhi for another special event. And after just a few hours in the capital city of India, Khan flew to Dubai for the premiere of ‘Ready’. The actor even addressed a press conference there. When he returned to the hotel after the premiere show, Salman had no place to stand as hundreds of his fans had taken siege of the hotel lobby. After such exhausting trip, with probably little time to sleep, Salman finally returned to Bombay on 1st June. But he soon got busy with promoting the film here. Salman finally found time on the day of the film’s release, so decided to sleep for 12-long hours.

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