Remember how the manufacturers of Zandu Balm dragged Arbaaz Khan to court for using the name of their product without their permission, in the ‘Munni badnaam hui’ song of his Dabangg? An out-of-court settlement was reached at between the Zandu Balm people and Arbaaz. But the point here is that rather than dragging the actor-producer to court, the makers of Zandu Balm ought to have rewarded him for having popularised the balm so much that its sales have jumped up phenomenally after the song became a rage.

Should Arbaaz Khan Sue Zandu Balm For Royalties?

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Keyul Kapadia, a leading pharmacist of Bombay shared, “After the ‘Munni badnaam hui’ song became a hit, the demand for Zandu Balm has shot up. Sales haven’t doubled, they have multiplied many times over. It is not rare for little children to be buying Zandu Balm from shops!” Such is the sway of films, film stars and film music. Probably, it may now be Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora Khan (on whom the song has been picturised) and Lalit Pandit’s (who has penned and composed the super-hit number) turn to seek royalty from the makers of Zandu Balm, at least on the increased sales. And, if need be, to even drag the balm manufacturers to court! After all, for the brief time that the legal battle with Zandu Balm lasted, Arbaaz Khan and his family must have gone through tension, that too, just days after his debut film as producer was declared a runaway hit! One never knows, the balm manufacturers just might happily give Khan some royalty for pushing up their sales so much!! No harm in day-dreaming. Right, Arbaaz?

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