Sharman Joshi may be riding high on all the confidence that Vidhu Vinod Chopra is showing towards him for the film Ferrari Ki Sawaari. In fact the film is being tagged as a reinvention of sorts for Sharman as everyone associated with it is tagging him as the next big thing post the film’s release. However there may be a party spoiler all set to hit hard soon after audience takes sawaari of this Ferrari. That happens to be in the form of a decade old film of his which is suddenly being brought out of the cans and is being unveiled for the audience.

Sharman Joshi in Ferrari Ki Sawaari and 3 Bachelors Movie Poster
Sharman Joshi in Ferrari Ki Sawaari and 3 Bachelors Movie Poster

“This film happens to be 3 Bachelors which was completed way back in 2003″, informs a source.

In fact late last year there was an announcement from the makers (director Ajai Sinha who had last made Khap) that the film was ready for release. New promotional material of the film was also released but none of that could help it from making any headway. Now with plans being confirmed for Ferrari Ki Sawaari, talks around 3 Bachelors have started again.

“However Sharman’s concentration is primarily on the Vidhu Vinod Chopra film. How can you expect him to even talk of 3 Bachelors when he is an altogether different league altogether,” questions an industry insider, “That film is over and done with. There is no point raking the past when the future looks bright.”

On contacted, all that Sharman was willing to say was, “Yes, it is unfortunate that the film got delayed due to various production related reasons. Ab kya kar sakte hain!”

As of now, Ferrari Ki Sawaari arrives on 15 June and 3 Bachelors releases a fortnight later on 29 June.

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