Shah Rukh Khan faced a lot of flak for his ‘intolerance’ remark and is still facing the consequences for it. Thanks to his remarks, the actor’s latest film Dilwale was banned in certain states and suffered in business too.


We now hear, his upcoming film ‘Raees‘ too is facing problems because of the same.

Shah Rukh Khan's Raees Shoot Lands In Trouble With VHP Protests
Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Shoot Lands In Trouble With VHP Protests

Shah Rukh is currently shooting for the film in Gujarat and the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) activists demanded the shoot to be canceled. The activists were seen protesting outside the district collector’s office.

Well, looks like the ‘intolerance’ comment is taking a big toll on SRK’s projects.




  1. Those VHP protesters just want publicity. As an individual everyone should have a freedom of speech whether you are a celebrity or a normal citizen. What these protesters are doing to SRK is victimization.

  2. Well sick and useless ppl. How the hell the don’t protest against so much wrong doings like rape human trafficking, corruption and so much more. These ignorant ppl r used by political groups that’s all. Shahrukh didn’t say anything wrong if anything these protest reveals that how India has become a hell country to live in.
    For SRK who lived all his life with so much hard work and dedication to make name for himself and India he indeed presented India with pride around the world.
    These protesters and political groups are showing India a bad and intalorent country. They deserve to be jailed.


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