The King Khan Of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan says that the VFX of his highly anticipated film ‘Fan‘ is best in the world and has not seen before anywhere in the world, not even in Hollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan recently informed a popular daily, “The VFX in Fan is done like never before seen in the world. Twice Hollywood has strived to do what we have done in Fan and failed.”

A still from 'Fan'
A still from ‘Fan’

The ‘Happy New Year‘ actor said that they met many hollywood studios but they told them that it can’t be done and they even said that it so bad which made the ‘Fan‘ team think to drop the film.

SRK’s VFX team took 3 months to research and said that this kind of VFX can be done and they did  it in spite of  time consumed.

Producer of the film Aditya Chopra called SRK from Paris and said that doing this kind of work is like an achievement for us. Shah Rukh says that he is proud of his team and currently a team of 250 people are working on it.

The teaser of ‘Fan‘ will release on SRK’s birthday which is 2nd on November and the film is slated to release on 15th April 2016.

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