When it comes to stardom, everyone remembers the hits but the flops are missed.

Shah Rukh Khan has had a career spanning 26 years and we may be well aware of his big business films but not the disastrous ones.

Shah Rukh Khan's Box Office Failures
Shah Rukh Khan’s Box Office Failures

SRK’s 2016 release, Fan in spite of being one of the highly-anticipated films of the year turned out be a huge disappointment at the box office. Unfortunately it performed even lower than his last affair Dilwale.

The megastar has starred in many such films which failed to make a great impact at the box office and here is a look at them.

Here’s the list of SRK’s films, which have been box office disasters:

Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke0.45
King Uncle1.65 crore 
Maya Memsaab 1.85 crore 
Oh Darling Yeh Hain India1.95 crore 
Guddu2.1 crore 
Zamaana Deewana4.5 crore 
English Babu Desi Mem4.25 crore 
Chaahat4.53 crore 
One 2 ka 45.5 crore 
Asoka8.25 crore 
Paheli13 crore 
Trimurti10.25 crore 
Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani10.25 crore 
Dil Se..10.25 crore 
Swades15.25 crore 
Billu23.65 crore 
Fan85 crore 

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  1. What a useless article, Firstly, there is no background given about these films. Secondly films like Swades, Dil Se, Fan, Billu are all films with considerable reputations, Paheli was sent to the Oscars. Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani was a film before its time. And Asoka should not be dismissed so lightly, it was ground breaking in some ways and an incredibly beautiful film as far as its cinematography goes.

    When you mention these so called flops, you never talk about difference in ticket prices, times and conditions of release and numerous other factors. Its a though you need to fill up space so lets take SRK down a peg or two… And let’s not forget Mr Khan did not make these films on his own, how about you look at the directors and what they did or didn’t contribute to the films. I am so sick of these useless lists, instead of people actually talking about these films what may or may not have worked. Some you may have considered flops at the time, but they have all had lives on DVD, and remember the number ontop of the train in Dil Se, is known and respected world wide. And Dil Se was certainly not a flop in overseas territories. Swades is one of the great Hindi films whether it made big money or not.

    • So true..BO collections aren’t the only parameter to judge any movie.Swades is considered to be one of the finest movie of Srk but unfortunately it didn’t find appreciation from the audience which were used to watch Srk only in romantic roles.Similarly Fan may not be a masterpiece but Srk’s performance was top-notch.He was too adorable as Gaurav.I will any day prefer watching SRk’s so called flops over some of his biggest hits like Happy New Year or CE

  2. Will SALMAN be able to act like SRK? He is king,will be king ……no one touch him…..no Sallu ….SRK haters……go….die…….

    • I m Salman ‘s fan & I know he can’t act like srk but Hindi film industry is an entertainment industry when it comes to entertainment no is near Salman Khan.Everything is not about acting if it’s only about acting then every theatre artist will become a superstar.So I think Salman is a biggest entertainers.His stardom is not limited upto movies but beyond all these parameters.So plz compare him with himself not with others.thanku…??

      • I agree with you simran salman is a number one entertainer he done many flops because he done many films for his friends and he knew about that films will be flops but he is a nice person and good friend

  3. .SRK haters……go….die…….

    what makes you think that srk has divine rights to be there all the time,bollywood was there before and will survive after him,srk is now boring everone,he should stick to his romantic image and leave sallu for all action

  4. Fan get flop as sharuk khan preview movies got flopped as well. Dilwale and happy new year had flopped at the box office. These movies didn’t earn the profilts at box office. salman khan is the only king of the bollywood and box office. He is giving back to back blockbusters movies past 8 years, he gave 12 blockbusters movies past 8 years which is a record done by any actor in the bollywood all time history. Salman khan remains remains no.1 box office star from last 8 years, which is also a record done by any actor in the bollywood all time history. Salman khan and Amir khan are much way bigger box office stars than sharuk khan. Salman khan and Amir khan are much way ahead of sharuk khan in box office collections. Salman khan and Amir khan are only competing with each other’s in the box office and bollywood.

  5. I think dil se …sawdas and ashoka was great movies ,,,,,,flop and also fan what kind of indian people are i think people in india can’t see the acting they seen the like or dislike

  6. mai to sallu aur lallu(tiger shroofffffffffff) sabhi ki movies dekhta hu
    hit ya flop muje fark nii parata
    mast movie hai to dekho
    hit aur flop k jamele me kyo

  7. I always love Bill Barber when I first saw it to say that it is a flop is quite incorrect. I watched it twice on cinema and nmany times on dvd. Love the acting of all the main actors and the song when SRK was sitting on the swing with a Lara Dutta passing by.
    Swades was a great film and I thought was well done.
    I like Paheli and the story. Fan was very good. It was a very hard film for SRK to go through hours of make-up and to switch between the two roles. As he said in the video conference with Mind Blowing Films team in Melbourne, someone commented that the younger SRK fan was very, very well played by him. To play the star was a natural but to play the younger fan and to have his mindset and mannerism, I think he has done a superb job. To be fair, Mr SRK did mention to me he was embarrassed about Guddu and he was brave enough to admit it. Everyone has to learn in order to better himself. To say that he has 17 flops in 25 years is misleading. Maybe it is 17 out of out, 80 movies.
    Even then, that may not be correct because of so many other factors not considered. Maybe some of his films maybe too ahead of its time then but creatively, it maybe a very good film. Maybe it clashes with another great films on release date or there was a national disaster during release time. All things got to be considered.
    I like Bollywood films and Indian food and culture. I like SRK especially in Devdas (started my love of Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood) and Kal Ho Na Ho, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan (saw 2 times), PRDP (saw 4 times) Aamir Khan’s PK and 3 Idiots and his Satyamev Jayate tv series. I also like other stars like Hrithik Roshan, Akshaye Kumar (Houseful series) and Akshaye Khanna.
    You guys are so lucky to have all these great actor and lots of other actors like the Bachans and Deols and great actresses like Rai, Dixit, Padukone, Chopra and Kapoor in your country.
    It is sad that fans are fighting against each other for their favourite idol when the stars themselves are so generous to each other. There is room for others to grow. It is healthy to be competitive in a nice way.
    So as fans, we should follow our idol, to emulate their respect for their acting colleagues.
    Best wishes always to you and your family,
    Steven – Melbourne.

  8. Sharukh used to do patriotic films earlier…also romantic movies which were his trade mark..now he is after money and glamour….he is acting as if he is romance king now and love story is a joke….i tink his time is up or he reli need to do a film vid substance and stay away from Controversy…

  9. Chalu ho gaye velle! Kaam karo kaam.. woh paise bana rahe hai aur tum lad rahe ho… lol.. koi pooch raha hai tumko?

  10. U can’t compare Srk with Salman. Srk is a great actor, Sallu is an adjustable one. His movies work bcoz young masses r liking fights, items and attitudes. But he has no talent. U will laugh if he cries in movies except in Tere Naam and BBJ. Actors are known for acting. U can’t say Dhoni a Bats man. Like that Salman can’t too b considered as a great actor. He is average. When we people use to like fighting, dancing, item movies, our talented actors are too bound to do such nonsense movies. If we’ll appreciate good movies, I m sure we will get best movies. Movies like Chak de India, Swadesh,Fan don’t work in India. But movies like PRDP, Dabbang, Happy New Year collect more than 200Cr. This is the proofs of our choice of movies. Hence, Srk’s movies don’t work and hence, he tends to do the nonsense romantic, comedy movies.

  11. List of Salgay Hijda Khan’s Flops and disasters:

    1988 Biwi Ho Toh Aisi 1.20 Flop
    1991 Kurbaan 5.00 Flop
    1991 Love 3.75 Flop
    1992 Suryavanshi 1.25 Flop
    1992 Jaagruti 1.30 Flop
    1992 Nischay 0.95 Flop
    1992 Ek Ladka Ek Ladki 1.50 Flop
    1993 Dil Tera Aashiq 2.60 Flop
    1993 Chandra Mukhi 2.15 Flop
    1994 Chaand Ka Tukda 2.75 Flop
    1994 Andaaz Apna Apna 4.60 Flop
    1994 Sangdil Sanam 3.50 Flop
    1995 Veergati 6.15 Flop
    1996 Majhdhaar 3.10 Flop
    1996 Khamoshi 4.50 Flop
    1999 Hello Brother 12.00 Flop
    1999 Jaanam Samjha Karo 8.25 Flop
    2000 Kahin Pyaar Naa Ho Jaye3.80 Flop
    2000 Chal Mere Bhai 10.75 Flop
    2002 Tumko Naa Bhool Paayenge8.00 Flop
    2002 Yeh Hain Jalwa 5.00 Flop
    2004 Phir Milenge 3.00 Flop
    2004 Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kahaa 7.00 Flop
    2005 Kyon Ki 13.75 Flop
    2005 SKPGY 6.25 Flop
    2006 Baabul 15.75 Flop
    2006 Jaan-e-man 25.50 Flop
    2007 Salaam- E-Ishq 22.50 Flop
    2008 God Tussi Great Ho 13.75 Flop
    2008 Marigold 1.00 Disaster
    2008 Yuvraaj 17.00 Disaster
    2009 London Dreams 26.10 Flop
    2009 MAMK 8.00 Disaster

  12. This is a worst article….in title they are tells ng this all are disasters….but this all are just flops.srk dont have single disaster in career….to declare a film disaster film must be a washout from its frst week onwarrds..

  13. Ther was time when all big star like Anil kapoor, govinda, sunny deol,akshay kumar,salman khan and even amir khan are strugging a hit movie that time sharukh khan giving back to back super hits and blockbister movies and it was a content movies.

    That time there is no koimoi.com and no other platform to judge bollywood business.

    And all this tricks of increasing business started by sharukh khan increasing number of screen and diwali releases etc he is a trend setter and more over he is best actor after Dilip kumar saab and Amitabh bachan saab.

    And if he start to bundle and south dubbed films his films also cross 700 crores.

    If really want to count number of flops for each leading actor and the year of release and no.of screens and ticket price you will get perfect picture.

    For Sharukh his one single all time blockbuster long run in the history of international cinema is enough for his achievement i.e DDLJ.

  14. After Dilip kumar sab and Amitabh sab Sharuk is the best actor he do quality films and change content films

    And he is the trend setter of Bollywood like taking negative roles and marketing of movies international level and he took bollywood to overseas audiences.

    When there was a time all big stars struggling for a hit movie he was delivering super hits and block busters.

    If compae each actor hits and flops and the year of releasing, no.of screens and ticket value then sharukh will be no.1.

  15. I can’t believe people are actually trying to defend these movies. By the end of the day, movies are made on the grounds of business. It is expected to rope in some sort of profit for the studio involved. While I do agree that movies like King Uncle earned 1CR rupees are the box office was considered a big deal at the time of its release, you have to look at profit loss margin. Maybe the cost of making the movie was higher than 1CR.

    Swades and Paheli were have enjoyed critical success but commercially, they were flops. They did not send the box-office tills ringing and that’s a fact. A movie can enjoy critical success, which means that there was nothing wrong with movie – it was just something that could not connect with the audiences or may have been released at the wrong time, etc.

    As far as Billu Barber is concerened, SRK was associated with the project and did call shots behind the scenes so I can’t see why he shouldn’t take one for the team.

    Overall, a good insight in the 20+ year career of SRK.

  16. bhai sirf flops kyu likhte ho

    salman khan k records b likho na

    salman khans debut film maine pyaar kiya was the only film which broke the records set by sholay….
    jis ne debut mai he sholay k records tod diye tum log us ko flop bolte ho
    laanat hai tum pe
    also hum aap ke hain koun was the first bollywood movie to cross 100 crore mark worldwide..
    the records set by hahk in 1994 were broken in 2008….
    14 years tak kisi ne toda
    and his other movies like wanted,patner dabangg dabang 2, ek tha tiger, bajrangi bhaijan, sultan prdp , ready, etc etc are in the list of all time blockbusters

  17. Amitabh bacchan also has a long list of flop movies but he is a star of millennium may be salman has more flop then SRK but at current situation the most entertaining star is salman..people want entertainment entertainment entertainment


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