Shah Rukh Khan's 12 Hour MarathonHe’s a workaholic who can work round the clock to get his job done. So it comes as no surprise to hear that Shah Rukh Khan shot for 12 hours for a shaving cream advertisement.

And not just act in the commercial, SRK had to shave almost seven times and wrap up a photoshoot for the ad! But it had its perks as the King Khan also had to spar with three gorgeous Ninja girls in his RA.One style! Similar to his upcoming superhero film, the ad has a lot of visual effects which have been used to create five Shah Rukh Khans in one frame.

Shah Rukh is known to work hard on all his films, including the shooting of ‘RA.One’ last year during which he not only worked on the film but also attended IPL matches, partied hard and conducted business meetings abroad. It’s not unusual for the star to go on for days with just a few hours of precious sleep.

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