Shah Rukh Khan during the IPL Match
Shah Rukh Khan during the IPL Match

Of IPL and of controversies, the headlines swayed with magical tablets from the last few seasons. But none could match up to the gravitas that this infamous brawl had created. A blitzkrieg of sorts, KKR owner and our dear Badshah Shah Rukh Khan was banned from entering the Wankhede stadium; post a spat with the MCA authorities.

An overtly excited owner, who has hysterically been with the team through every thick and thin, was accused of breaking some rules and regulations as revised under the MCA code of conduct. MCA authorities, who reportedly informed that a drunken Shah Rukh had caused havoc and chaos on the field, banned the national icon from entering the stadium for the next five years. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, as reported by bystanders, got into an ugly verbal spat with the authorities once they tried to manhandle his daughter Suhana and her friends. Shah Rukh, who is a doting yet a highly protective father did the needful by breaking into a stormy rage showering the authorities with a series of cuss words, one that’s very unlikely from this Khan.


Nevertheless, SRK who has always been a soft target for the controversies and scandals, had previously been under the scanner for being caught smoking publicly on the cam. Today, on the 7th of May, as SRK’s team KKR takes on the Mumbai Indians at the same venue, headlines have been instrumental about reporting this year old battle which still continues to haunt our lovely King Khan.

Being busy wrapping up the shoot of his highly awaited Rohit Shetty directorial venture Chennai Express in Munnar, Shah Rukh was seen away from the spotlights in this ongoing IPL season, with he giving most of his team matches a miss. But the witty actor has always been famous for his twisted and intelligently put words to tackle uncomfortable situations. SRK, who will be at Mumbai on the day of the match, plans to sit back in the team hotel and watch his Purple gang take on the Blues. But, adding on to the spice SRK claims he might as well stand outside Wankhede, cheering out ‘Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo Re’ in full throttle, such that the crowd inside gets to hear his voice. A typical jocular one-liner from the big daddy!

With his fans flooding social networking sites calling him the Saviour and the Good Luck Charm for his team (yes, his appearances in this year’s IPL has led to KKR’s win), one would be apprehensive about his absence today at the venue. The match, being extremely crucial to the KKR, the team players would definitely put in their best to keep their hopes of making it to the Playoffs alive. And the MCA has already made an official confirmation to the Mumbai Police to make sure that the actor is kept miles away from the stadium, fuelling the already outrageous situation and giving rise top even more scintillating and eye grabbing headlines as ever. Amidst all the hoolaboo, the match which is scheduled to begin at 8pm tonight will definitely give way top a lot more smiles, scorn eyes and entertaining scoops of drama, all in one frame.

Rounding this off, reminiscing an incident from my formative years when this hugely fanatic SRK devotee in me brought in this protective side of SRK, much before the 2012 incident did. As I pushed in through the police corridors for a snap with the actor at the Kolkata airport two years back, the police officials threw me aside in rage, with few pushes powerful enough to drop me down. A superstar actor called Shah Rukh Khan, as we popularly know him as, sent in his personal Bodyguards and clicked the picture with me, snapping the incorrigible police officer’s actions at that very moment. Fortunately or unfortunately, SRK was not drunk that time! With his own daughter being harassed, there were reasons for the father to come out in rage! With eons of humility imbibed within this body of blood and flesh, SRK is definitely a True human Being; For me, of course!

Now that I cast in my vote, you can cast in yours. Whether you feel the ban should be lifted from SRK or the ban is perfectly apt for SRK, that’s a choice only you can make!




    • SRK aur Amir ke pass guts he… kuch bura ho raha hai toh usse object karne ki…. baki sab actor phattu hai…politicians ke g**d mein ghusse rehte hai…darpok saale!!!


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