Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan's Karan Arjun Aa Gaye & This Happened!
Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan Fans Burst Crackers Inside The Cinema Hall Which Led To Seats Catching The Fire (Photo Credit – Imdb)

The argument that the audience is not ready to visit cinemas yet is getting funnier with every passing day. It has been proved by people quite many times so far and Thalapathy Vijay – Vijay Sethupathi’s Master has been a shining example so far. But what happened recently at a cinema hall in Malegaon is something unimaginable as well as unfortunate. But it clearly depicts the intensity with which people are waiting for a commercial potboiler to release in cinemas.


We are talking about an incident which happened in Malegaon cinema recently. The theatre is playing Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan’s classic blockbuster Karan Arjun. Now the film is 26 years old and has been watched by the people on TV hundreds of times. But still, it’s screening at a mass centre attracted a huge number of audience.


However, as per ETimes, the real incident what happened here will blow your mind. A section of the audience was so excited about the film that they burst crackers in the theatre. It obviously went wrong and the seats caught fire. Thankfully there was no loss of life as the fire was brought under control soon.

Sheikh Shafiq, owner of Central Cinema where the incident happened told the news website, “People go out of control in Malegaon at least when they see Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan movies. We have had terrible experiences in the past in quite a few cinema halls here, they insert crackers in their underwears and bring them in. it is just not possible to keep them at bay. This is their excitement but we are suffering. It needs to be condemned in no uncertain terms; the audience here is so obstinate that sometimes it happens despite the police being around them. This time we managed to save the property but I really don’t know what to do in the days ahead.”

Talking about why he chose to release Karan Arjun despite knowing the risk, he said, “I know we have had problems in the past but imagine my state owing to the lockdown. The business has been adversely affected big time since March 2020 and has not improved in the recent past either. I could not resist but I least expected that things would go to such lengths.”

The theatre owner has now changed the film and is currently playing Ajay Devgn’s Hulchul. “I am now running the Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Hulchul’. What can I do? Someone needs to advise me.”

What are your thoughts on the same?

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