Continuing the promotional juggernaut for Ra.One, UTV Indiagames announced its plans to develop and publish a cross-platform social game on mobile, online and TV with Shah Rukh Khan, based on his upcoming superhero movie. SRK launched the social avatar of his character, G.One, at an event in Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan At Ra.One Game Launch

With social networking platforms gaining mileage, social gaming has become an aspect that filmmakers have also begun to use to market their film. With an aim to build on the franchise, the game will be episodic in nature, introducing new levels and a story that will keep progressing with the game. Another departure from the norm of Bollywood-based movies is that the game will be micro transaction enabled, so that users can customize their own game experience. Reaching out to a wider section of casual gamers, the game is designed to simply ‘pick up and play’.

Shah Rukh Khan At Ra.One Game Launch

Commenting on the social avatar of his character G.One, Shah Rukh Khan said, “With the many strategic firsts that Ra.One is bringing to the country, the first ever superhero social game on the most powerful medium today takes it to a whole new level. The game has been specially conceptualized to ensure that it reaches out to all the audiences that are eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the superhero G.One. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to get introduced and engage with G.One.”

The game will be launched across all the popular social networks like Facebook along with gaming platforms like Nokia Ovi, Android, Apple and more. A special version of the game will also be launched for DTH subscribers.

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