Does Shah Rukh Khan’s association with a film mean that every film of his should open well? If yes, then why did Always Kabhi Kabhi not open well? Editor Komal Nahta answers…Did Shah Rukh Khan’s Lucky Charm Fail

What happened to Subhash Ghai’s plans of releasing his two films – LOVE EXPRESS and CYCLE KICK – together for consumption in the price of one ticket?

– The plan didn’t work out as there was an issue of entertainment tax. The cinemas would have had to pay entertainment tax twice on every ticket.

Why did ALWAYS KABHI KABHI not open well? After all, it has Shah Rukh Khan’s banner to its credit.

– Shah Rukh Khan’s banner, not Shah Rukh Khan himself! If you are trying to hint that Shah Rukh has lost his crowd-pulling power, wait for Diwali when his Ra.One will hit the screens.

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Nowadays, so many Marathi and Bhojpuri films are being made. Has their business gone up? Are Marathi and Bhojpuri films clicking at the box-office?

– So many Hindi films are also being made. Does that mean, the success ratio of Hindi films has gone up?

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