Prakash Jha’s plea in the Supreme Court against the ban on Aarakshan imposed by the three state governments will be heard on Tuesday, August 16. The filmmaker moved the apex court on Friday (12th), seeking a direction to lift the ban on the film imposed by the state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. Since the court is closed on Saturday (Rakshan Bandhan) and Monday (due to Independence Day), the case will come up for hearing only on Tuesday.

Aarakshan Box Office (Aarakshan Stills)
Amitabh Bachchan starrer Aarakshan now faces a ban in two states - UP & Andhra Pradesh.


Meanwhile, accepting three additional cuts effected in the film by Jha, the Punjab government decided to lift the ban. The contentious film will now be released in Punjab tomorrow (Saturday, August 13).

Meanwhile, tension over the release of the film, which explores the caste-based quota system in educational institutions, disrupted shows in different parts of North India. Shows in all the three PVR properties of Gurgaon were cancelled after 3 p.m. The two properties of DT in Gurgaon cancelled shows after 6 p.m. The screening in Gurgaon’s PVR and DT cinemas resumed only after 7.30 p.m. In Faridabad, all the cinemas suspended the screening of Aarakshan after 11.30 a.m. Shows were resumed post 6.30 p.m. Even in a town like Udhampur in Jammu & Kashmir, the local administration ordered cancellation of the film’s screening, fearing tension.

The film made it in Maharashtra on Friday by the skin of its teeth. Prakash Jha on August 11 reached a settlement with RPI activists for its smooth release on 12th by agreeing to some cuts suggested by the agitating activists.




  1. BSP is creating problem for viewers in other states too in south, Bengaluru and Chennai, How does Mayaati as a Cheif Minister allows BSP to indulge in seeking ban in other states and disrupting peaceful screeing., Will Mayw keep way from cheap politicis. and place a ban on her cadres pesuo-interest.


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