The man of the hour right now is Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His film Padmaavat is doing immensely well at the box office and is breaking records. The man himself has not reacted or commented yet, be it on the protests by Karni Sena or about the success of his film. But he finally got candid and spoke his heart in an interview to DNA.

When asked about the protests surrounding the film and then it finally releasing, he said, “There is some divine energy that says this is the way it should be. It is fascinating to go with the flow. If you are supposed to face the attacks or these kinds of protests that we have gone through, it’s a part of the film’s destiny. All I can say is that it just makes you stronger and wants you to make the movie better.”

Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Sanjay Leela Bhansali


“From January 27, 2017, when we were attacked in Jaipur to January 25 this year when the film released, it has been one whole year of strife. I cannot describe all that my team and I went through.”

Why has he not reacted or commented on the protests yet when asked, he quoted, “But my only reaction was to make the film better. If it hit the screen, which it seemed would be almost impossible at one point, that itself would have been a victory. At the cost of repeating myself, I must say that movies like Padmaavat are destined.”


“All I know is that there’s a madness that is growing within me. I constantly strive to say something bigger and better. There is a time when you evolve. You feel that you have understood your craft, signature and style of filmmaking. You know you are more adept at doing things and find that rhythm slowly over the years. “he said, when asked about achieving a cult status in Bollywood.

Talking about his films he spoke, “I took 12 years to make Bajirao Mastani. I waited nine years to make Ram Leela and I had to wait eight years from the time I did Padmavati, the opera on stage, in Paris to get to the film. I’ve enjoyed making these movies so much. They were very challenging. How to put things into a big frame and how to spend money are things that I’m obsessing about all the time.”

He also shared his thoughts on the cast of Padmaavat,” All her hard work and brilliance that Deepika brings to the set is effortless. She does her preparation but with so much silence.”

“No other filmmaker understands Ranveer the way I do. Ranveer and I have a great chemistry and understanding. I know how to direct him and I’m aware about his limitations and strengths.”

“Shahid was a new energy on set because I hadn’t worked with him before. He is extremely talented and so effortless. He constantly wants to become better.”

The director sharing his thoughts after such a long silence comes out as a pleasant surprise.



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