Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Dutt

A story that had its inception exactly two decades back has finally meandered its way to a shocking yet ultimate end!


Sanjay Dutt, who was one of those convicted for 1993 Blasts in Mumbai under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act, soon escaped from the charges put on him. None the less, Sanju Baba was again accused and convicted under the Arms Act in November 2006 for possession of an illegal 9 mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle and was also charged under the criminal conspiracy section of the TADA.

Spanning over several months, the trial had finally ended with Sanjay being sentenced to six years of imprisonment. After spending few months in jail, he was bailed out by an apex court in November 2007. Since then, the hearings have continued. And the final verdict was put forward by the Supreme Court today.

The Supreme Court upheld the actor’s conviction today sentencing him to five years of jail, which would not involve any probation. Sanjay Dutt will have to spend three and a half years in jail and has to surrender himself within the coming four weeks. Priya Dutt, his sister who accompanied him to the court today, broke down after the Supreme Court declared its final verdict.

Following this mammoth piece of breaking news shaking the entire Bollywood fraternity, most celebrities drew onto the social networking channel to express their feelings.

Mahesh Bhatt showed up with his disgusted mood through a tweet that read, “Heart Broken: Just heard that Sanjay Dutt has to go to jail for 5 years. I expected mercy! Alas it did not happen.”

Karan Johar who is shattered by the piece of news feels bad for the otherwise shant actor.  “I am truly shattered to hear of Sanju’s sentence…the nicest guy i have known just doesnt deserve this…my heart goes out to him…”, he retorted on Twitter.

Others who expressed their disgust were names like Pony Prakash Raj, Kunal Kohli and Vishal-Shekhar duo.

Pony Prakash Raj: I think it was too harsh a judgment on sanjay dutt… not fair

Shekhar Ravjiani: He’s the most loved person in the business. One of the nicest people I know. Man with a big heart. My brother. I m with u @duttsanjay.

Vishal Dadlani: I stand with @duttsanjay , always will. He’s my brother. He made mistakes, but he’s served more than his time, in terms of mental stress.

Kunal Kohli: the ’93 blast case should NOT be made about Sanjay Dutt.The Real planners are sitting safely inPakistan like Osama Bin Laden was.




  1. good to see that law is same for all in India. Whoever feeling bad for sanjay dutt, pls imagine a common man in the place of sanjay dutt…what do u think the common man wud hav escaped frm the punishmnt…he wud hav been punished for atleast 14 yrs…and here sanjay is punished only n only for 5yrs…

    • REALLY!!!! Is this the sad state it has come down to that in a story unrelated in any way to Salman the only thing you can comment on is Salman. Well what about Salman and who are you to decide he should go to jail. I assume you know all the details of the case hence why you are able to make such a bold statement. Stop being so sad and have some dignity move on with your life. Fans of other stars will pray wish that Salman goes to jail not for justice but just so their fav star has a chance at the boxoffice and they can call them no1…. Grow up

  2. You fail to mention the 18 months he has already done. So he has 6.5 years for possession of illegal firearms…Rapists in India get less time if they are charged at all.. He has not even fired those guns or been involved in any terrorist activity. So the punishment seems harsh considering he was already cleared of terrorist charges.


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