Sameera Reddy might be known more for her curves and dance numbers, but the girl is getting set for some serious action.

Sameera Reddy in Tezz Movie
Sameera Reddy pulls off a stunt in Tezz.

Sameera will be seen performing some action stunts in Tezz. While the actress agrees that it wasn’t easy at all, co-star Ajay Devgan did praise her as one of the heroes of the film. Saying that it was not as cool as it sounds, she adds, “I was told by director Priyadarshan that I would have to do a lot of action and I was excited about it. However, when the actual time of shooting arrived, I was not prepared for such extreme stunts.”

“When we started shooting I was falling of the scooty and on the last day I fell and hurt myself. I asked everyone on the sets not to talk about it but finally my parents came to know (about it) when stories were published. My father gave me a piece of his mind though. I have done water rafting. I was made to swim in water that as just two degree centigrade!” she says.

Sameera appreciates the safety measures taken by the crew, “They were commendable and they block entire areas when their shooting so we actually didn’t have to worry about hurting ourselves. It was scary yet at the same time very exciting too,” she concludes.

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