Salman Khan is a man who always ends up in needless controversies it seems. This time the controversy happened at the shoot of an ad film Salman was signed up for. The director and Khan ended up bitterly over an almost flimsy reason. In a particular scene in the shot, Salman had to walk till a certain point. The director badgered Khan for retakes as he was not satisfied with the take. After a few retakes, Salman was visibly displeased and suggested that they should have signed professional models if they were expecting ramp walk performance!

Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan
Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan & Shahrukh Khan

The issue blew out of proportion when the director and actor ended up in a tiff for a second time. Despite quite a number of takes the director was unable to get the exact expression that he was looking for. Salman after a while was utterly disgusted and nearly blurted that if he was looking for acting, he should have signed Hrithik while for over acting Shah Rukh suits the best!

Sources inform us that Salman Khan walked off without agreeing to co-operate with the director on any further takes. The ad maker was clearly having a bad day to have enraged Salman Khan.

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