Salman Khan took to Twitter to defend the stand he took on Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 7. After inmates Kushal Tandon and Tanisha had a nasty fiasco of sorts, Salman rebuked the contestants mainly Kushal on the show.


Post the event, the actor received messages from his followers on the micro-blogging site questioning his stand on the show. Salman Khan defended himself saying, “U see 1 hour i see the whole deal.guess sm of u guys may not react wen sm 1 speaks to your family ka female members or women in that manner.But I do n most of us men n women stand up against men who run em dwn if this is culture not or culture it better b come.”

Salman Khan at an event
Salman Khan at an event

The actor was clearly offended by the debacle that happened between Kushal and Tanisha that ended with Kushal indulging in name calling. He even went on to say Tanisha is a blemish on her family name.

Actor Salman Khan who is the host of this Season of the popular reality further went on to tweet, “The choice is yours if u wanna watch it or not. Sm times people do get carried away in fights,every 1 does n then they sort it out.Its a good show to learn how to b physically n mentally strong, the tasks go on fr 48hrs n more. Vit no proper sleep or food.halwa hai kya.”

But Salman stood by his decision even on Twitter. He concluded off with the tweet saying, ” I thought I shld reply to cs u watch the show n vote too. according to BB fans n wat u saw both shld hv been out but thr was a lot more than wat u saw . Thr can only b that much put on TV . Still I like the show n the contestants.”

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  1. Whatever Salman said was all good. Kushal was throwing ash, kachra on Tanisha and he himself never did anything.

    I like it a lot, someone taking stand atleast. Great work.

  2. Any human would have done what Tanisha did in case you threw all garbage on her. That was nasty.

    Whatever a host should have done to teach the inmates is all good. I appreciate Salman telling them.

    We need to be sure how to treat others with respect.


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